No Smoking Day
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Hello kind and gentle folk of the forum,

I've not posted in a while so thought i'd post again.

Anyhoo, enough babbling. It's now been 275 days since I quit and I couldn't be happier. I seem to be incredibly lucky in that I managed to quit cold turkey with only a few blips along the way (such as when a work collegue said to me 'how hard is it to stop smoking anyway, stop being such a baby about it'). Since quitting i've become a dad which has turned my life upside down as no longer am I the most important thing in my life. I am currently into my third week of the c25k program (which for those of you who don't know is a running program designed to get unfit layabouts like me from a couch potato to being able to run 5k) which meant that I ran for 3 minutes today which doesn't sound like a lot but 8 months ago I would not have managed 100 metres without nearly throwing up!.

Blimey, just realised i've done a wall of text which wasn't my intention, sorry :o

As a last thing, everyone who quits is my hero and we rock!

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Love reading the success story, inspires me, how wonderful a new baby, many congrats. Thanks for your support :)


Hi Doofus, thanks for the positivity, congrats on becoming a parent, there really isn't anything like it is there? What a massive incentive to stay quit too, excellent stuff :) x


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