No Smoking Day
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Day 13

I've realised my posting here is turning into a bit of a blog!!

But hey!! any which way to the goal I figure....

Oh wasn't I disappointed to awake to grey skies and gloom today? But, sat with fresh orange juice and warm croissants I wondered whatever made me think the perfect way to finish a lovely breakfast was to have a ciggie and fill the room with smoke....

Half an hour later, I was absolutely sure lighting up was an essential part of a relaxed day, was desperate for that habitual fix SO

Of to the garden centre I went -

Later, out into the garden, it was a bit drizzly but I planted my primrose, my foxgloves, my hebes and tulips and came in to steaming hot cup of coffee that smelt and tasted divine.

I sat and drank it, watching the raindrops racing down the window - with a clear head, and a relaxed mind. We have a pair of robins decided to make their home with us this spring, I love watching them busy in the soil, and splashing in the bird bath, and briefly, this afternoon, a crowd of long tailed**** stopped and fed from the hanging peanut net :)

Visitor cat, Socks, popped by for dinner and sat and purred on my lap, chilled and contented.

The pace of my life is calmer for not smoking, the balance of my life is better for not smoking

These are the thoughts I will carry with me into week 2, not those of daily cravings and ravings for something that adds only a big fat ZERO to my quality of life......



PS how funny - long tailed **** are pretty sweet birds but too offensive for this forum it seems :D:D:D:D

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PS OH leaning over my shoulder and reading the above interjects.....

"FFS hon - we live in surburban semi, this is NOT Anne of Green Gables, or a Jane Austen novel!"

Feet firmly back on the ground but with a HUGE :D on my face!!!



Now that is flipping brilliant!!

So glad you got through the craves and you're seeing all the fab parts of being quit!! It really is great :D

Well done hun xx


If I make day 19 I am going to sob my heart out hun!

Yep - that's what i'm going to do :D


If I make day 19 I am going to sob my heart out hun!

Yep - that's what i'm going to do :D

When you make day 19!! And as long as they're happy tears, that's all good :D :D


Lovely post Mina :)

I adore LTT's too. They're one of my favorite birds. Dear little souls with their tiny round bodies and ridiculously long tails. I love the way they travel in groups and chatter away to each other. They sound the way I always imagined fairies would sound like when I was little. :)

...And you're going to make Day 19 and that's a promise. :D


A beautiful post mina

You are doing amazingly well and we are all right behind you sweet pea



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