No Smoking Day
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Okay, time to be honest. This is my last post in months 4 & 5 and this is what it's like.

For those of you in day 1 or 2 or 5 or week two or three or month 1 or two, listen up. I'm about to graduate to the 6 month + room and this is how it feels.

I don't even want a fag anymore. Sure every day I think about them. Sometimes I even crave them a little. But the craves are easily pushed aside. I'm done with them and happy about it.

Okay, the down side. I'm fat. I eat and eat and eat and have gained a lot of weight. That really sucks. But, a doctor once told me that I'd have to gain 50 pounds or more to offset the bad effects of smoking. Guess I'm getting close, but whatever. Been through this before and know I'll turn it around.

I haven't even gotten to six months and I KNOW it is all behind me.

I have the luxury of looking back and seeing that five months is not a long time, but I know every day seems like forever in the beginning. To those of you just getting started, there is no argument... it sucks. But, if you hang in there for a relatively short time, life is good. Go for it! Suck it up and embrace the pain because it's worth it. Just a few months from now, you can be fat and happy. And a few months after that, you can slim down and be slim, happy, and smell good too!

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Good post :) congrats on your 6 months glad to hear it really does get easier. X


Nice post Third :)

Will look forward to reading your first post from Halfway House (and, of course, on cheering you into the Penthouse in a few months).

Congratulations! :D


Inspirational story congrats on your quit! My mum told me last night that the best thing she has done in her life is to stop smoking. She was a 40 b&h type of lady who has now been stopped for 20 years. She is 65 now and fitter than me! Keep on quitting!! Xxx


It's great to see a post like this and I get what you mean about thinking about them but not craving them, really well done :)


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