No Smoking Day
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Day 6

Hi gang,

I hope you have all had a nice day in the sun.

My day has been up and down and had a few craves and a couple of horrid ones tonight.

On the plus side I have been to the coast and played crazy golf, was really funny!

My appetite has gone a bit crazy and I have been trying to eat healthily as I am a member of slimming world and only recently got my first stone and have another two to lose so when I was craving tonight I cooked a healthy meal and am going to have seconds in a min!

Day 7 tomorrow, bring it on


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Yes, yes - the elephant in the room (pun intended :D) is the weight thing! At some point I am going to have to venture into that "managing your weight" area of the forum......

not just yet though (she says with a glass of limoncello in hand, and butter fudge standing :p)



You are doing brilliantly. Almost a week - that is a great achievement, well done :)

I have had a huge appetite for food since I stopped, but it is getting more reasonable now, but I'll probably have to start at Slimming World soon :D

Concentrate on the not smoking, that's what matters most. :D Good luck.


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