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6 weeks quit :)

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Well it's 6 weeks quit today for me... I have had a couple of really stressful days recently but not once have I had a real desire to smoke... I do still think about cigs, I have to get my patch on a bit sharpish in the mornings but apart from that, it's working, the previous 7 didn't but this one is... It really is a case of having your head in the right place I think...

Hope your Thursday will be happier than mine... Pretty sure I won't have a job at the end of today and will be on garden leave... :eek:

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Hi Donna,

6 weeks is fantastic well done,

As for garden leave you want to put that off for a bit :D

Donna so pleased for you and this is the one defo. Well done.

If it is your last day Im a great believer as one door shuts another one opens x

I wish they'd at least be ajar mate...... I had an interview for the council yesterday, perfect I thought! If I can get this on the 12th the visit on 13th won't matter.....got an email the day before, budget cuts, job downgraded to a lower salary, was I still interested...ummm no.... I have a mortgage to pay etc.....pfft.... Actually this is turning into a bit of a moan, still at least it's not a moan about smoking..:) xx

Brilliant Donna, keep going, you are doing amazing xx

You are doing great Donna :D. I've had various colleagues and friends made redundant over the years and somehow they always end up in a better place and talk about redundancy giving them the kick they needed to go do the thing they really wanted :). Maybe 2014 really is your year in more ways than one x

Thank you for your positivity you lovely people! We will be finishing on 30th April so it's nowhere near as bad as I thought, I have a couple of months to get something else, could of been worse... Just left the office with my colleagues and we went for a bit of lunch and a pint... It was like nectar of the gods hehehehe :) x

Thats excellent. See my wonder woman magic worked x

You my friend are a ray of blinking sunshine! :) xx

Donna you have had so much stress to deal with. Your daughter and now the worry of not having a job. To be going through a possible redundancy and still staying so committed to your quit is just brilliant x x

Karri thanks so much... I tell you what before it would of been an excuse to have a fag but my stubbornness is prevailing now, I will not have one! i won't make excuses and feel sorry for myself, what's the point! You just have to suck it up and get on with it! Having a fag won't change any of it or make any of it better... My positivity is due to a handful of very special people on this forum, including you and for that I am grateful xx

Way to go!!!! Remember, stay focused;)

Cheers mate, I do need to stay focused ur right, I might take a little break from the forum, you can have too much of a good thing and then it's a bit of an overkill sometimes.... I did this last time and I admit I ended up smoking again...8 weeks for me is the nightmare time and tbh I don't want to be on here like a quivering wreck! :) perhaps I will try and deal with this dodgy stage that's coming up and come back when I am over the hump that's inevitably going to come... I'm getting the signs already...:/ I won't flipping have one tho! That's a given!:) x

Yea DonnaJ, just remember we are all here supporting you, even if you aren't up to posting for a while. :)

You are doing so great, 6 weeks, WOW. !!! Very, very well done.

Thankyou all for ur lovely posts, I'm not having a wobble about the fags yet or anything like that just got a bit of stress right now gonna get my shizzle sorted and then I'll be back :) thanks again xx

Will miss you Donna, don't be a stranger. Hope everything goes well over the next couple of weeks xx

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