No Smoking Day
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Month 2

Have you got enough room for another one here ?

I'm sorry, I got a bit delayed - lost track of time :rolleyes:

I think I'm on Day 33, but I have stopped counting the number of days every day, so that's an improvement.

It's going well now. Still think about smoking, but perhaps it takes a long time before you stop thinking about it - the most important thing is that you DON'T DO IT.

Getting more energy (or my energy back:o), just always hungry.

Hope yu'all well, let's keep on keep quitting. :)

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Hi bluebell,

33 days that's fantastic. Im on day 26 right behind you:D


Well done Bluebell!! :D

Fantastic that you don't need to count the days anymore. :)


I can put up with bunk beds debbieh, but please can I have the top one :D:D


Well done Bluebell :D:D:D


Cannot believe we'll be five weeks this Wednesday, the time is really flying by :) xx


Welcome to month 2, BB :D

The positive vibes are pouring off you! Brilliant post.

Loved the bit about not counting the days anymore!!

You're doing so well. Think of all the new quitters who'll see this post - truly inspirational stuff :cool:

Well done.


PS I'm constantly hungry too. Nom nom nom.


Well done bluebell glad to here you are not thinking of it as much, great help to those of us who are plodding along behind you



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