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I have found myself coming back here today, woke up feeling nervous as I had a dream last night I was sat back outside smoking in my garden!!!! I was proper gutted and I was crying in my sleep as I woke up as I thought it was real.

Has this happened to anyone else? No way ill smoke again but I feel so bad that I was smoking in my dream. :mad::confused:

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Aww those dreams are tough!!

Think we've all had them, I never dreamed about smoking when i did it - but get them a fair bit now I've quit. Not sure why though :confused:


I have never had a dream like that. But a book I read said that is a good sign x

Nope yours were more fun :p


I had my first smoking drean last night! In it I was smoking one a day:eek:

When I did smoke my wish was I could just have 2-3 a day.Well we all know that doesn't happen.Im an all or nothing kinda gal.:)


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