No Smoking Day
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Lemsip & honey!!!

Good morning friends of the forum,

Hope your all doing well today? I was up all night coughing with a terrible sore throat. Not sure if this is related to smoking but just seems strange after being so emotional and now the frigging man flu!!!

If so this is just another reminder to myself as to why I gave up that filthy habit!!:(

If smoking is the cause of my emotional mind and my ill body, this just makes me even more determined and focussed to never go back to the old ways of inhaling those poisonous. harmful chemicals!

So nicotine, throw what you want at me mister because your not sucking me back in and braking this badboy!! :mad: Jog right on!!:D:

Enjoy your Sunday peeps! Much love XxX

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You are doing great and have the right attitude to go all the way with this quit :D

Happy Sunday!


Sorry you're feeling a bit poo :(

People od get things after quitting - it's one of those weird things but it will help you get rid of all that muck and stuff!!

Hope you feel better soon :)


Poor Rochey :(

This quitting lark isn't fun sometimes is it?

You're right though- it's all part of your body detoxing and it will pass.

I've come to the conclusion that someone could make a fortune by designing a 'quitting desert island' where quitters could go for a couple of months until they were through the worst of it. There would be everything you need on tap from NRT & Lemsip through to one-to-one counseling sessions, complimentary massages, loads of fresh fruit and lovely fresh-cooked food, activities, very comfy beds, etc, etc. As it would be situated on an island or similar it would be impossible to smoke even if you really wanted to.

Of course, it would cost a packet to sign up but it wouldn't half be a nice way of doing it! :)

Hope you feel better soon. I'm sure you will.


Hope you're feeling better soon - happened to me as well, read that the coughing and flu symptoms are your body beginning to heal itself - obviously this won't make you feel any the less ill, but may offer a little encouragement :p

And a little later in the day, I'd swap the lemsip for a hot toddy :D

Take care matey


Hiya, wow you have a brilliant attitude Rochey, and it isn't always the easiest thing to have when your feeling flipping awful, so very well done you. :)

You have to allow your body to heal itself, and what you have been having is one huge clearing out of toxins by the sound of it.

Full of admiration for such a strong attitude. I see it as a challenge now and sounds like so do you :D

Let nicodemon try his worst, we'll show him what we're made of, OK.!!! :D:D

Hope you feel better soon, and have a good Sunday. bb xxx


Many thankx x

Hello there,

Thank you all for your kind words and encouragement, means a lot x been in bed all day so starting to feel a bit down again. Vicious circle eh? So right...............

Hot bath! Little jog down to the shop to get some nice fresh veg in for dinner!!

Get some goodness in and wash the badness out. Boooooooom!!!

p.s Nice thought Skiddaw, I like it matey :D


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