No Smoking Day
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Welcome Chrsitine, French & Elaine

Open the doors real wide and let the triplets stagger in...:eek:

Plenty coffee and bacon rolls this morning...we drank the bar dry last night so have to re stock. (Christine there is a bottle of red under your pillow my love so dont throw a strop);)

Great to have you all with us. Month 3 is going to be fine...I have arranged we get an easy time this month!!!:D

Big hugs to all three....xx

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OHHHHHHHHHHHHH my head .......not sure if i can cope with a whole month of the month 3 room . is just tooooooo much lol

Anyway WELL DONE you 3 its great to have you aboard youve done fantastically well long may it continue.


Hi Frenchy.Christine and Elaine:D

Into month three that''s great Big Hug each


Marg xx


Welcome Christine, Frenchy and Elaine! A big round of applause for the trio!!!

It's very plush in here so enjoy (I was up half the night cleaning up so hence the late post!)

We are not going to accept that this is one of the terrible 3s are we? Are we hell! Heads down and plough on...that's what I say!

Looking forward to the next few months ahead with all of you in here :D

Jackie J xxx


hi guys :)

It feels good being here and surrounded by friends... of course you are getting me drunk a little too often! I hardly drank before :eek:

Month 2 has been tough, but I don't think it had anything to do with the quit. it's been almost craving free and I also gave up Champix and so far it's made no difference - although I miss the weird dreams! -

I don't expect a smooth ride in a month 3 - again, nothing to do with the no smoking - I am moving house on Tuesday and into a funky riverside apartment, looking for another job as I need a new challenge, getting a long overdue divorce (I split up with my kids' dad 4 years ago) and of course walk away once and for all from a terrible relationship.... so the coming weeks will be challenging and will certainly test my willpower as far as the death sticks are concerned...:eek:

on the very exciting side, I'm going to see Them Crooked Vultures in Birmingham on Monday night and I am VERRRRY excited

but in any case, you guys have been amazing and certainly given me a lot of strength, and made me laugh too...

so... a toast to my fellow 13thers Elaine and Christine but also to all Octoquitters already here in month 3 and those joining us soon :D:


Congratulations to the three of you, you have all finished 2 months. Keep being positive look for all the good things, this could be a great one for you.



Welcome and well done Christine, Elaine and frenchy. sorry to hear that you have had challenging time Frenchy, 2 of the most stressful events divorce and moving but you have done brilliantly. Good luck with the move and enjoy the gig



A big massive well done all round I beleive :D (I hate that stupid grin)

JJ, Christine and Corinne.......... great to see you all in Month 3.. I can see how much wine and pink champagne is flowing already..... and rightfully so.

It's been quite a journey for 3 of you so far in your own different ways.

Corrine, you don't to things by halves do you hun? Moving, divorce, separate from bad relationship, change job......... why not huh? In for a penny, in for a pound as they say!! Good luck with all of it, I hope it's all sorted and over as quickly as possible...

Meanwhile, have a great gig on Tuesday :cool:

Cheers ladies :p

Pol x


Hello, hello, hello! Stand clear of the bar, woman with a hangover coming through.

I would like to thank my fellow Octo bunch, my DH, my staff, my landlord of my favourite pub........

Seriously I actually had forgot (I do have a bad hangover today) so cheers to you all for the good wishes. Hell I never thought it would of been so tough but I'm glad I did it.

Love to Elaine & Frenchy. We are another month down to our suite in the Penthouse.



Congrats girls and welcome to month 3! :D


AAWWWW bless ya and thanks for the big welcome so sweet

Heres to all of us for making it here safe and sound

Love you all xxxxxxxxx


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