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109 dsys & blindsided!

HI was thoroughly enjoying & riding my 100 day milestone high when I woke up yesterday (52nd bday) with longest, strongest craving in quite a while. Had several thru the day & talked myself out of the "just 1for bday" nonsense several times. Had cravings today at work where my generous coworkers offered me theirs & my boss even offered to go buy me a pack. I told them all not to choke on their countless visits out back but I am troubled by thestrength of these cravings and pretty much out of the blue! Some occurred at times I would have smoked but I don't even want to anymore so why is this still happening??? Read:yesterday about Leonard Nimoy (Spock to all Trekkies!) & @ 82 he now suffers from COPD after quitting smoking 30 yrs earlier @ 52.& someone close to me said "so why bother- it'll get u anyway"....I replied he might not have made it to me82 had he not quitwhen he did. Anyway- just a little wobbly & a lot p*^^*d off about being so---- gottaget to another milestone !!!

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Plus, he's 82 and plenty of 82 year olds who have never smoked have COPD. It may have nothing to do with him having been a smoker when he was much younger.

Thing is, as my OH said to me recently, quitting has a long tail. You think you're home & dry and then someone throws a curve-ball. It's just that those curve ball moments get fewer and further between.

The main thing is that you dealt with it and came through it so a big round of applause to you :)


You are exactly right in the fact that had he not given up at 52 it's quite likely he wouldn't of made 82, I can't comment on getting craves late on in ur quit like u are because I've never quit for that long but I do know people who have and even after 8 years a friend of mine says "she still fancies one now and again but it's different to craving one" she also said it happens out of the blue so maybe this is what is happening with you, you fancied one cos it was your birthday? The main thing is you didn't so crisis averted, your doing great :) xx


This is why I get annoyed when people tell new quitters that things will get better after the first week. While technically true, I suppose, the whole problem with quitting is how long it takes to truly get free. I found myself badgered by smoking thoughts just yesterday, my 135th day, after 19 weeks. I was never tempted to smoke, but just PO'ed that I had to keep dealing with it after all this time. I think people often start up again just because they are beaten down over a long period. But you and I are doing great!

BTW, Happy Birthday!


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