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Patty cracked and I'm flying solo

I'm afraid that Patty has cracked and is puffing away. But I'm ok, I mean its hard but just because Patty is smoking it doesn't mean that I have to, so I'm trying to remember why I gave up and that hasn't changed. I understand why Patty has cracked , as some of you know she has advanced ms and it is soooo hard for her sitting in a wheelchair day after day so smoking keeps her sane. I'm going to need you guys and gals so help me.. Love Jonno

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Aww I'm sorry Jonno, but well done for carrying on :)


Sorry to hear that, Jonno :(

You'll always have our help and support. I guess you and Patty need to make a plan to help keep your quit on track...even small things like making sure there's no tempting smoking paraphernalia left lying around.

I understand this will be more difficult, given Patty's condition...because normally I'd advise making sure the smoker at least goes outside for a ciggie. Not necessarily possible in your situation, of course.

I'm sure you'll get some great advice from the others.

As you say, you have your own reasons for quitting, so keep them at the front of your mind.

Best wishes,



Thanks all

Hi all. Well I'm still going strong. Surprisingly despite the smell of smoke and watching Patty smoking, I have not had the slightest urge to smoke , in fact quite the opposite. I don't like the smell and I know that if I only had one then I would be back to square one. But the thing that delights me is that my mindset is now of a non smoker. Quite a revelation for me as I thought of myself as someone who was TRYING to give up smoking rather than an ex smoker. Thankyou for your support . Love Jonno


It's a shame about Patty but I can understand why she has cracked. I am sure I would do the same in her situation.

I'm really glad you've decided to persevere though, as it would have been so easy to lose your quit too. I hope it continues to go well for you- you certainly deserve it to.


Well done Jonno for not caving. My hubbie is still smoking and some days it was really hard when i could smell the smoke. Not so much now but in the early days. Stick with it, you are doing great :D


Full of admiration for you Jonno, and sympathy and understanding for Patty.

However you feel temporarily, you are obviously a very strong person so you must keep this in mind.

You have been doing great, and you'll continue to do great. As you say now you are a NON-smoker, an EX-smoker.

Keep strong, best wishes to both of you. xxx


Thanks Jenny

Thanks Jenny for sharing your experience. I think if I behave towards Patty as your husband did to you, ie. not criticising and being supportive then that may help her get back on the wagon. Actually tonight when I helped her up to bed she said that tomorrow she intends to try and use the e cig rather than the fags which is a good sign. So who knows, so I shall just try and be supportive and not nag her and let her find her own way, but your post has helped me get things into perspective so bless you lil Jenny love Jonno


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