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Getting Ready...



Yes, I am getting ready as tomorrow is the day, I've had several attempts at giving up, I don't even smoke all the time, morning & evenings not during the day, and don't smoke on a Friday or Saturday. It's where I've got to with the habit, my health is suffering and I'm having to see a cardiologist. I know I'm going to need some (a lot of) support and can share what I'm experiencing to help others, so a big hello to everybody.

River x

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Hi River

Welcome to the forum (madhouse :D)

You'll find all the help, advice and moral support you need here.

You sound like you're motivated and raring to go, which is more than half the battle. We'll all be rooting for you. Just come on here whenever you need to- we're always here for each other.

And nice to meet you :)

Well done for making the right choice-we are here if you need us xx

Thank you all very much for the welcome :) x


Welcome River.....just take every day as they come...the good the bad and the ugly :D

And post post post....and you will get help and support from all the lovely people on these boards.....good luck:D

Hiya River and welcome :)

You're going to get all the help you need on here, everyone's either going though or has gone through what you are so any questions or any rants, post away :)

2 weeks ago about now, I was terified about quitting - how would i cope, would I go mental, all of that - 2 weeks later I'm a completely different girl, you have nothing to worry about :D

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