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Jonno&Patty day 11

Hi all. Well here we are at day 11. Things are going well, all calm and we've stood down the divorce lawyer. Over the past few days we've been doing a thich naht hanh zen meditation each morning which is really helping. It calms the mind and brings you back to the present moment. We also have the support of our buddhist sangha which we host at our home here in beautiful Suffolk. Ok not to everyone's taste but it helps us. Love to you all. Patty and Jonno.

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Nice one both and glad you've stood down the divorce lawyer :D

Well done :)


I bet once you get past the worst, which should be about now, quitting with someone else in person must be pretty darn cool :)

Well done both, loving your positive attitude.

Molly x


I too find meditation helps me particularly with the anxiety if quitting cigs, so I say whatever works for you and Patti is great, keep up the good work xx


Day 14 tomorrow

Wow can't believe it's almost day 14. We're feeling so much better, no coughing , no real craving "just the occasional illusion". Really believe this is finally. IT!!!. Thankyou all for your love and support yabadabadoo freedom at last. Love Patty and Jonno..Namaste...


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