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Day 11

Now on Day 11 and still on the Mini's but have noticed that I dont need them as much as I did. I have combined that with 1/2 a 24mg nicotine patch but as i am having a nasty skin reaction to them I was wondering when it would be safe to go alone without the patches . I am not due back at the doctors for another fortnight but by then, my body will resemble a patch work quilt.!! Any thoughts ?????

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Hiya :)

Sounds like you're doing really well!!

Um, with the patches, what kind of reaction are you getting?

There's a couple of things you can try - first is waving it in the air for about 30 secs so the glue and excess nicotine will flash off - that helps some people, or you can try another brand, they are different some people get on better with a different make :) Ooh and also where are you sticking them? You might want to try somewhere else, and always make sure you don't re-use the same site within a week!!

Hope that helps,

Gemma x


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