No Smoking Day
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The good news :)

Ok I have probably spent a fair bit of time talking about my various aches and pains as they have materialised over the last 15 days so I thought for a change I would talk about all the good stuff :) Here is my list of positive changes/achievements so far :)

1. I am already coughing less and I feel I can breath a little easier. My chest isn't quite as wheezy and my sinuses feel clear.

2. My skin looks brighter and feels softer. My sister commented yesterday that the white of my eyes look brighter and less 'yellow'. I had never noticed the whites of my eyes were 'yellow' :eek:

3. I feel fresh and clean. My clothes, my hair, my fingers all smell so much better. When I put my perfume on in the morning, I can still smell it fresh at lunchtime

4. My home smells fresher, although I didn't smoke all over my home, there was a residue of smoke downstairs from me standing at the back door, already I cannot smell it

5. I am not controlled by my next cigarette, ok I am using an e-cig for those harder moments but I feel 'free'. Specifically I am not planning how I will manage a cigarette when I am in smoke free zones, I used to stress over this.

6. Over the last 14 days I have NOT smoked 297 cigarettes and saved myself £115. I am thinking about how I can treat myself with this :)

7. My family are proud of me and I feel good about myself :D. No more hiding away puffing on that dirty stick woohoo!

I feel that these are amazing changes for just 15 days of effort. Yes it has been tough at moments but I feel mentally prepared and the rewards just keep coming :)

Thanks for reading!

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