Day 14....getting closer to that next milestone

Day 14 :D

Despite a stressful time my cravings are low and manageable and my circulation seems better when I drink lots of water which helps with my legs :). Main challenge is the insomnia which I did suffer from anyhow. It's just worse than ever right now :)

On the positive side my little calculator app advises me I've not smoked 268 (14 packs) cigarettes and saved £104. Minus some little treats and bits, I have £84 sat in my No Smoking jar :). Great progress in 2 weeks. I'm so pleased :)

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  • Brilliant progress Hun, really well done glad it's getting easier for you :) xx

  • Brilliant news Lindy :D

    It really hits home when you see the number of fags you would've smoked, doesn't it? :eek:

    And congrats on the next room tomorrow!

  • Well done you - and all that money saved too ! you've got a really solid quit there :)

  • Woooohoooo Lindyloo!

    Be very proud - 2 weeks is a huge milestone!


  • You all keep me smiling with your fantastic support :D

  • Congratulations. It's great isn't it to hit another milestone!! Keep up the good work

  • Big congratulations Lindy - well done!

    I'm finding that imagining all the UN-smoked cigarettes on a table in front of me is quite a good visual motivation on many levels.

    It would be a pile of over 200 - absolutely shocking, and disgusting but the very thought of NOT having inhaled, smoked and choked my way through them is quite powerful for me



  • Thanks Kat, you have been such solid support for me.

    Mina, that is a very powerful visual and eeeugh! My poor lungs are thankful for the rest, I have hardly coughed this week which is a huge thing for me after the end I had to last year with the bad chest infection.

    The start of week 3 for me tomorrow :D

  • :D

    I got about 4 hrs sleep last night so that was good and when I did wake I was quite fresh, obviously doesn't last long though :).

    I've tried relaxation apps, hot baths, lavender, wine (lol) and cutting my caffeine back. I now have some calming chamomile tea to try. My GP did prescribe sleeping pills but after 2 days I binned them as I couldn't function on them.

  • Ohhh that's a good idea :) I will look into that Kat ;)

    I might have a try of some of the herbal remedies too. My insomnia was triggered by a traumatic event that happened when I was sleeping (coming up 5 years ago now). I used to get really distressed by it but now I try not to as it seems to just make it worse. Giving up smoking seems to have 'flared' it a bit although as I said 4 hrs last night isn't too bad for me at all :)

  • Nice nice nice!!! congrats on the milestone as for the little treats enjoy them having a little reward will help you enjoy the quit.

    As for the insomnia been having major issues myself only seem to be sleeping 4-6 hours, think setting a routine that is suitable for you is key. I found that even if i was shattered i would force myself up and stay up throughout the day then i would sleep like a log that night.

    Well done on the milestone see you at the next one :D

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