Day 14 and getting there!

Hi everyone,

Just thought I would announce my big news! DAY 14 THATS 2 WHOLE WEEKS

Just thought I would let the whole world know what a good girl I have been!

If I can do it anyone can.:D

I would like to thank everyone for their support and great advice as this is what has got me this far.

Thanks guys, wouldn't be here without you all. :) :)

Befly x x

8 Replies

  • well done, your well on the way now, there's no turning back now. keep up the good work, your doing brilliantly. :) :)

  • *Big squeezy hug*

    Well Done Befly x x x x

    Skip through week 3 and show them whos Boss!!

    Keep it up ~ Buffy x x

  • Well done Befly getting to day 14 is great:D :D :D

  • well done.

    big congrats on your 2 week mark . its fantastic. keep up the good work.


    C'mon guys give it up for Befly. What a smokefree star.

    Keep up the good mission


  • Thanks for your replies guys, couldn't have done it without you all.:) :) :)

    Befly x x

  • WEll done Befly

    Thats great off you go on week three you are a true star Linda xxxx

  • Bloody hell you have done all the hard work now GO GIRL it most be all downhill now;)

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