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Champix 'fix'


I'm new to the forum and just wanted to ask, for those of you who have used Champix successfully, how long were you on it for and how were things once you eventually came off........

I'm at day 39 on Champix and aside form the already mentioned side effects, I'm a little apprehensive about stopping them.

Someone told me that Champix does all the hard work so now I'm scared that I won't have the Will power without them. :confused:

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Jayne welcome to our friendly house :D:D

Lots of Champix users here me included. I think I was on about day 35 to 40 when I was just forgetting to take them,so I just stopped and never took the rest of the course.:)

This is important,when i stopped-and this is only my experience so may not be the same for everyone-there was absolutely NO craving at all,it felt great.So try not to worry about stopping the little blue pills.:p

^Like Max, I stopped after forgetting to take them around week 5 and like Max had no craves :D


Hi Jayne

I was so nauseous with them I could only take the evening one, but unlike some other users I tended to have cravings all the way through taking them, I weaned myself off slowly around week 8, taking one every other night for a week or so, then one every third night until like Max and Isolde I forgot to take them. I didn't feel any different (apart from not feeling sick and lightheaded after taking one) and have been happily flying solo for a couple of months now ;)


Thanks all.

I'm really more reassured that it'll be ok when I come off them. Actually I can't wait to be totally 'flying solo' - what a feeling that must be :o:o


Im starting on week 7 of them now but have barely taken a tablet all week, i actually find i think about smoking more when i take them, they constantly remind me, ive been chopping them in half because like you ive been a bit nervous of what will happen if i just stop but as it is i keep forgetting to take them anyway lol xxx From what I can gather, Champix just blocks signals to do with the nictotine..... They stop you enjoying it so they are only any good if you crack and smoke again iykwim? Xxx


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