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No Smoking Day
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Day 4

Not much to report today it's been not too bad although I have noticed the craves getting stronger so I need to turn the fight gear up a notch!

Need to prepare myself for the weekend coming, it's normally when I struggle probably down to being off work and having more time to think about smoking but with hubby on board that will help!

Think I'll plan plenty of cleaning to keep me busy :)

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You're doing really well hun, keep going the way you have been 'cos I know how hard you've fought for this :)

Boredom is the dodgy bit, so keep yourself busy over the weekend and you'll be fine!! xx


True Debbie I shouldn't worry about the weekend and just take it slowly!

Sounds like cleanings the plan for me this weekend Kat, think I'll get my son to help, he got a mini Henry Hoover got Christmas it's so cute, train him early lol x


Nice going Mrs M :)


Mrs M.

Nice one!

I had the pre-weekend shivers, too.

But it turned out fine, as it will for you, too...because this is our time.

Stay strong. Choose life.



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