Day 11 for me :)

Morning, day 11 and I have passed the overnight away from home challenge :). It was surprisingly easy as I've had minimal cravings in the last 24 hours :D

My legs are my main problem. So hot, painful and restless and the crappy sleep patterns lol :p

Anyway despite this I'm in high spirits. Another long day but I should get home around 10pm :)

Have a fantastic day :D

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  • Well done Lindy :)

    Safe home. You'll be ready for your own bed tonight I expect.

  • Thanks everyone :)

    Hi Netti. Thanks for the tips. I have been reading about Bachs rescue remedy and i think it sounds like a good idea for me to try the night drops. I do like my sleep and perform better with it :D

  • Well done for not having a little smoke in the 'big smoke' :D

    I'm in town myself, today.

    Have a good trip back!


  • Thanks Steve :)

    At the airport now waiting on my flight home. I got asked by one of my smoking buddies at work if I wanted to nip out for one today and i said 'No, I don't smoke'. Haha felt great :D

  • Kat - are hot, sore fluid filled legs and feet normal? They were sore before but I think this trip has killed them. Dreading the flight home and wondering if I need to see my GP? I think I have a new addiction, it's called moaning lol :)

  • Thanks Kat. I'm home now so if it doesn't settle a bit over night I will call my GP in the morning :)

  • Hope your pins are feeling better tomorrow Lindy....great that you got through your trip smoke free, well done you :)

  • Thanks Isolde :). Tucked up in my own bed with a nice cup of tea :). It's the little things right?

  • Chamomile or decaf at least I hope ;)

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