Day 11

Well I am now into day 11 and apart from a little blip on Satureday I feel fine and really proud that I have got this far. Many of you will have noticed that I didn't start posting until much later into my smoke free life. This was due to me being away for a few days. Not stuck in the daily grind of every day life. I truely believe that this helped in the early days.

Last weekend I was at home and this was the first real tester. No work just relaxing but this meant that on Saturday I struggled to start with.

So thanks to this forum in helping me through it and another PMA day (Positive mental attitude)

Keeping busy was the key for me and as has been said on many occasion read, read and read some more.

I have also started using a quit counter which will also help. It now looks like this........

Gary - Free and Healing for Ten Days, 17 Hours and 29 Minutes, while extending my life expectancy 17 Hours, by avoiding the use of 215 nicotine delivery devices that would have cost me £56.89.:D

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  • So you should be proud................well done you :)

    Carol x

  • Congratualtions!

    your doing fantastic.

    the only time i've found i get moment's of weakness is when i've had alcohol and caffeine.

    watch these two trigga's especially the booze!

    keep going whatever happens.

    it's weeeeellllllll worth it!




  • Day 11

    Doing good, soon to be day 12.

  • Thanks MAH and yes it is another day towards recovery. What a good feeling.:D

    Jamie....... I've found coffee to be a trigger at the moment especially through the week when at work. Used to drink to much (Well thats what the doctors would say) Now I limit myself to one per day. The rest of the time it's green tea. Never realised how nice it was.

    Drank a bit of alcohol at the weekend with no trigger:D


  • Thanks Chrissie,

    Yes I like my coffee also. Having quit now for 12 days I decided to treat myself and ordered some very expensive coffee. So the Tv the other day in which Trevor Mcdonald visited the Blue mountain coffee plantation in Jamaca. Supposed to be the best and most expensive coffee around.

    So I was thinking why not. I don't smoke anymore and I have now got the spare money. Little incentives just to keep going one day at a time.


  • You take that back Chrissie V that is a nasty rumour :eek: I do not have a bun in the oven :D

    Carol xx

  • What are you waiting for Chrissie?????????????

  • Oh !

    Is that what that smell was. I was beginning to wonder???????????

  • Hi Gary :D

    Well done on almost 2 weeks quit keep it up


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Hey you!

    well done so far, and yeah keep dancing!

    i am on week 4 and i can tell you that i am on FIRE!!!

    it's so great!

    you wont regret it, i promise!




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