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I'm back again also!

Well its been afew years since I visited this site...........gave up for about a year in total at that time but stress and other excuses drove me back on the fags.

Anyway some members of my family...equally heavy smokers 20-30 a day recently introduced me to "vapping" and I had a go for the first time 3 days ago. Went and bought a "vapping" starter kit (£29.99) and some tobacco "juice" home about 5pm and whilst having a couple of cigs, set it up and charged it. A couple of hours after buying the kit it was charged up, filled & ready to go.

Well next time I wanted a fag I thought I'd try this "vapper" and boy does it work......I had no heavy expectations of it and no real intent on stopping smoking.....I just wondered how my brother, sister in law (both in their early 50's ad their kids could stop so easily with an "electonic" device after they had smoked for 75% of their lives. After all I'd tried the e-cigs etc and didnt really get any sensation close to that of a proper fag.

Anyway after being on rollies for the past few years....since picking up the "vapper" at the weekend I havent touched a real fag and dont think even a fag could satisfy me now as much as the "vapper"...I still have 4 packs of duty-free backy in my cupboard lol........what a differance to all those e-cigs I'd tried and failed with before.

So anyway....although I'm on the strong (24mg) vapping liquid and its tobbaco flavoured so dont class myself as totally off the fags, I just thought I'd post my experience and hopefully it will help someone. Believ me this thing works better than even a "fag" at satisfying me and although Ive initially spent £45ish in total....I dont think I'll ever be attracted back on the real thing.

Good luck all.......I know how hard it is to stop smoking and its not easy to give up something thats been the best part of 30 years of my life and I'm not sure if I'll ever get rid of nicotine but if you want some advice try this "vapper"....theres more smoke andthey can be stronger than cigs in my experience but the smok is harmless vapour and monthly cost after initial outlay for me should work out about £20 a month.

Sorry about the ramble guys & girls but its s good to have found a cleaner alternative to burning tobacco and just thought I'd share it. Never stop trying to stop!:)

By the way off to buy another one this morning for my Daughter lol.

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Thanks's been a long time since I was on last but it's a great forum and must admit this time with my vapper I've had no withdrawal probs or even one craving for the real thing. Early days but if they all as easy as the last 3 I'll be happy.

As you say I can drop the nicotine level gradually but I do enjoy it lol.:)


Whatever works to keep off the fags is good, I reckon. The same things don't work for everyone, but when you find the thing that works for you, then that is absolutely brilliant! Keep on truckin', Geordie! :o :)



Very true my case its a long time coming on finding a ciggy replacement.......been through the tablets, patches, atomisers and e cigs but nothing compares with these vappers. Absolutely amazing!

Good luck to you too!


Well done

Hi Geordy. I'm so pleased for you. Ok you still are imbibing the nicotine in one form or another but whatever it takes is ok by me. Better than sucking in that old ciggy poison. Keep going mate we are all with you. Love Jonno


Thanks Jonno.

Yep still taking in nicotine but then I would if I was on patches or another nicotine substitute to help give up the dreaded weed ......with the vapor its just another method but with the added bonus of smoking it without all the poisons of a ciggy.

Eventually I'm hoping to get down to no nicotine content in the vapour at all.....but as I cant get away from how much I enjoy "smoke" not going to rush it.

After the initial expense it should cost around £20 a month to keep the vapor supplied.


Hi Geordie mate :)

I have a couple of mates who quit smoking using eCigs.

They swear by it. They use nicotine free liquid now as well.

Best wishes,



I agree!

I have one too. I don't feel that it gives me a better 'hit' than a cigarette and I still feel I want a real one a lot of the time BUT I can honestly say that I probably wouldn't have got to day 10 without it. I have always felt I needed the hand to mouth action more than the nicotine (although obviously still a nicotine addict!) - I can reduce nicotine (eventually to 0) and deal with the hand to mouth habit at a later date just as long as I am not on the real things!!


Very true Magwag.

Whatever keeps us off the fags must be better than the dreaded weed......after all every alternative method of smoking (except going cold turkey) actually has some nicotine a vaper isnt that exceptional.

I think the important thing if intending on giving up smoking using a vaper is to ensure you get the correct equipment and juice.....seems theres a lot of cheap versions out there, but if you want better than the real thing it pays to do loads of research.

I am still tweaking mine with best vaporiser etc but I'm not far off and in any event I consider it better than the real thing already lol.....but theres always room for improvement.

Good luck.


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