No Smoking Day
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Early start on Day 10

Morning, an early one for me as I am off to catch a flight to London where I will be working next couple of days. A new challenge on day 10 but I am determined not to cave.

Feeling physically all over the place. Insomnia and pins and needles combined with fluid retention seem to be the symptoms of choice. Was really low last night so went to bed and tossed and turned quite a bit. I keep reminding myself I'm dealing with the side effects of abusing my body for 20 years :(

Will check in later this evening if I can. Have a great smoke free day :D

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You're doing really well and all of these annoying symptoms will pass in a few days.

Keep going!


Thanks :). At the airport now drinking tea and eating Danish pastries. Hopefully my flight will be on time :)


Must be a good feeling to be at an airport and not worrying about when you can smoke again :)

Perhaps a change in routine will make it easier for you to sleep and lift your mood- at least if you are staying in a hotel whilst you work in London you can't smoke however much you want to (not that you would do obviously!)

Hope you get some retail therapy opportunities whilst you're there :D


Sat on the heathrow express heading to Paddington. I feel like you are all making a virtual trip with me :). Ankles are badly swollen after my flight. I think my circulation must be all over the place. I might get it checked with my GP when I get home as I'm really suffering with my legs.

Seems London is as miserable as home weather wise lol :D


Made it to my hotel a couple of hours ago and fell asleep :D. Hope everyone's had a successful day :D


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