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Day 10 - These days are starting to fly by!

Hola! This feeling is unbelievably good!! I'm on DAY 10!!! When I was on day 2, I never imagined in a million years I would make it to day 10! It is true that each day gets easier. I'm getting to the point I don't even think about a fag anymore. Those first few days, it was a matter of minutes & hours but now it almost feels weird that I use to smoke. No longer a problem at work, just walk past the smokers who are really starting to smell bad, I seem to have loads more money, I use to hate carrying cash in my wallet cause I knew I would spend it but could never put my finger on what, now I know..... Fags! After my wobble at the weekend, I am now more determined to not allow them to stop me enjoying other pleasures such a beer, I've had a couple of the last few days just to try & disassociate beer & smoking. This weekend is going to be the tester..... my birthday weekend! :eek: Triggers can be funny; I do find myself looking for an imaginary packet of cigs from time to time which just goes to show how much smoking was just a habit! If you are new to this forum or in the first week (hell week) keep going, I guarantee you will feel 100000% better! Happy smoke free Wednesday! :D:)

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Great to hear you are doing so well, and managing to confront those triggers head on. I know what you mean about the imaginary packet. Even after almost two years quit, I still occasionally find myself reaching out my hand for something, not sure what, then realize "oh yes, cigarettes. I don't do that any more!" It doesn't disturb me. In fact I find it quite funny now.

Happy Birthday for this weekend, and stay strong!



Brilliant post Leeroy, so happy for you! I dont think you will have a problem at all this weekend. Happy birthday to you!


Another wonderfully upbeat and positive post from our Leeroy. Bloody happy birthday fella. You've already given yourself the best pressie ever, but I hope you get loads more lovely smashing big shiny ones. Speaking of always sound so jolly I want to call you Santa :D Have a great weekend. Careful though. Massively massive big big old HUGE trigger the old drinky drunky one. I had to work really hard to get it right minus fags :) Get it right I did though (as will you).....and now i'd no more want a fag with my lager than I would want one with my peppermint aero.....hoorah.


Really massively top performance. Many congratulations and Keep it up!

Day 42 nearly over for me. Still loads of triggers, thoughts of smoking and a wistful sense of loss of the 'rush' I used to get off fags. But I now know at this stage, I'm in total control of it. Me, no one or nothing else. Up to me now, whether I ever smoke again.

And I'll not smoke today, and I'll see what tomorrow brings.

I really do feel ***ing liberated people! C'mon now, we're gonna do this shit.


Thats the great thing Esso.....all you EVER have to do is not smoke today. Its so bloody simple. Why didnt we realise it sooner? :) 42 days. Well done. Massively well done.


Gosh I wish I could be so upbeat about not smoking today.. Its also day 10 for me and I am so tired that its hard to be happy about not smoking! To be honest your post put extra motivation for me! I thought this forum would put quitting on my mind too much and would make me think about cigarettes and cave in! But instead it puts in my mind that if these people can do it then sure as hell I can too! Congrats for making it to the double digits! Keep it up! :)


Hey guys! I can't see anything that isn't positive from giving the little white sticks up! We have all done sooooooo well to get this far. I remember on Days 1-3 it was a minute by minute crawl to the next hour but that is now over!! YEY!!! Sure, I still get the triggers & my mind is starting to delude itself "You feel great, have yourself a fag! Go on, you deserve it!' but like the good old Elvis song says 'I got wise............You’re the devil in disguise!’ We are not out of the woods yet but we are over 1 week nearer than we were 1 week ago! Keep posting on here guys, don’t forget to go back to the early day threads to remember just how difficult those days were, help & advise others (like you are already doing Andy) & what you have achieved. Before I quit & for 19 YEARS, if I went 2 hours without a fag I was doing well, I find that really depressingly sad now! Here’s to another smoke free day!! Whoop Whoop!!

P.s - Thank you all for your birthday wishes, very much appreciated!! :D


What a happy positive thread, and lovely to see!

A big 'WOOP WOOP!' for you guys, cheerleader style.

Happy birthday leeroy!

H xxx


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