No Smoking Day
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Feel like I can Say 'I don't Smoke'

Well it's Day 9.

Sorry I didn't post yesterday we have just taken on a new dog, so we have been pretty busy with her. Which is really good as it keeping all of us active and healthy, and giving me something else to focus on!!

I can safely say I feel like I can say 'I don't smoke', rather than 'I'm quitting at the moment'.

I feel so much healthier, and I smell people smoking now and I think 'eurgh',even the cravings have subsided by a mile.

I am so much more happier and less stressed than I was when I was smoking it's a surreal feeling, even my smell is amazing now, infact I am going to the shop to change my brand of cat litter , as I just realised how much the woodchip one stinks of a pine smell, gross lol!!

Have a lovely day all of you, Michelle xx

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Hi MB - just posted on freedom fighters site re havn't heard for a while. your still on board and doing well - magic :D



This is Bubbles :)

She is 8 months old a pug cross :)

Michelle x


Haha I brought it, I can't help it with all the boy stuff in the house and finally another female comes into the equation, plus all the pennies I am saving from not buying fags, I thought I would treat her, my other half looks quite hilarious walking her though! xx


Awww bubbles is adorable! We'll done on your 9 days, and make sure you treat yourself too! :) xx


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