No Smoking Day
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Day 3 - Walking that's what to do :-)

On the days I finish work at 4 I normally hate come home to an empty house ( daddy bear and baby bear don't come home till half 5) cos when I was a smoker I used to drink tea and smoke to pass the time!

Today I decided to take my walking gear and once I finished work I went a nice long walk with the tunes blasting and I feel great :-)

Just thought I'd share!!

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Excellent strategy Mrs M!

A really positive thing to do. Well done you :)


That's great Debbie! Yeah I think the morning is the toughest too, before I used to get up before my alarm, now I'm fighting with myself to get out of the bed but as you said when I do get up I've changed my routine a bit, I miss out on my morning cuppa and just get ready for work, seems to have helped a bit x


Well done your doing great :) I do think changing your habits help. I drunk lots of tea but always with a cigarette, I haven't had a cup since I stopped, I've been drinking green tea with lemon.


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