Made it to Day 5!

Really pleased to announce that have made it to my 5th smokefree day!

This morning I feel quite good so far, yesterday was quite good so hopefully the nightmare that was days 1 to 3 have passed!

Not going to count my chickens yet and get too cocky though. I have tried to quit before and gone quite far and then succumbed.

Hopefully today will be OK

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  • Yayyy!!! Im actually excited with you! lol

    Its a lovely feeling when you see the days counting up isnt it!? Well Done Gruffalo :) Keep strong and motivated :)

  • well done the hard part is stopping. keep it maintained and it'll last for ages.


  • Just hit a wall. Was feeling good yesterday and this morning and for the last couple of hours have just been in the most horrendous moods! Its not even funny I just feel slightly psychotic...:( I still haven't lit up though. Such a good thing that I am at home alone but I have literally been shouting alone in the kitchen. If any one could see or hear me they'd think I'm nuts....

  • Don't worry gruffalo, one minute I'm all WEEEEE and the next I am all DOOOOOOM. I think it's going to be like this for a while, as long as you can rationalise that you are just feeling down in the dumps because you have stopped smoking then I find it makes it a bit easier to deal with.

  • I really don't think I have ever felt so awful in my whole life. All sorts of bad things that have happened in my past have popped up in my life, I feel so down and useless. I just feel crazy. I keep spontaneously shouting and crying. Is this normal for quitting? I'm not usually a ranting or raving sort of person so I am assuming it is due to the quit.

  • *mind not life.

  • Poor Gruff...

    It's all normal, really it is. I had panic attacks and felt terribly anxious which is totally unlike me. It wore off and so will your symptoms. Just hang on in there- you're doing SO well :)

  • Well done Gruff, I too get panic attacks when quitting fags it's horrible would defo go to GP if it continues, invariably my mental health is always what makes me fail, I wouldn't want you to lose up quit because of it, there are lots of things you can take not necessarily anti d's there are beta blockers and I know rescue remedy works for some, you certainly have a lot of support on here so keep up the good work :)

  • Thank you so much for everyone's words of encouragement and support. It really does help. Relieved that what I am going through today is normal. I don't think I've ever experienced mental symptoms like this before :( Its almost like rage tourettes, one minute I seem to have it under control, the next some thought will pop into my head, or that a shoe will be in the wrong place and I will just burst! Really really hope this does not last long!!!!

  • I cant really say how long it will last as im only in day 6, but im sure it will pass soon enough!

    Stay strong x

  • Poor you :(

    How brave you are to keep going whilst your mind plays all these nasty tricks on you. It will pass, promise.

    Have a hug


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