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No Smoking Day
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I am going to sneakily enter the penthouse I deserve it!!!

I can hardly believe it myself but it is ONE year to the day since I gave up smoking, this time last year it was 3ft thick with snow and I was chomping on the first of many kit kat crunchies whilst desperately not giving in and have a fag and now i dont even think about it, anyone who has started a new quit please dont give up it is hard at first but you can do it!!!! I have no idea if anyone can remember me but I have been looking at my early posts just a day into the quit and I can vividly remember how awful it was, this forum kept me sane and I kept coming back to it hour by hour and my god it helped so much, anyway I am thankful that I am not controlled by the dreaded cancer sticks anymore and I still take it day by day but I am in a lot better place now...:)

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I remember you too! This time last year I was a new year quitter and my new addiction was reading all the posts on this wonderful forum. I wasn't a member then but still felt part of this community.

Anyway, it was a half hearted quit and suffice to say I failed. But as of today I am 57 days into my forever quit and feeling wonderful!

But you stuck it out last year and WON THE JACKPOT!!! Huge congratulations to you - and well done on being a shining example to all of us who follow!



I remember you too, well done :D


I too remember you :) brilliant achievement and an inspiration to all of us that haven't made the penthouse yet fairplay to you xx


Of course we remember you Dean and very well done you! Welcome to the penthouse you can come in and make yourself at home:)


Massive congrats on reaching the penthouse Dean :D


Great stuff. Many congratulations.


Well done Dean, you always struck me as the kind that posted if you struggled so I was hoping when you petered off that you were cruising along happily.

I'm really chuffed to have been right. Brilliant achievement.

Molly x


i remember you , massive well done , there was a time i thought you might have a wobble but really glad you made it .


So pleased you're here too!!! Congratulations!!



Hi Dean


Well done you for reaching One Year

If you do anything in your life this will surely be the most beneficial.

Onwards and upwards x


Well done Dean , always a few days ahead of me. Apologies for late congratulations but good to see you here

Donna x


Hey Boss. Great to see you here. Massive well done xx


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