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I am in the Penthouse ra ra ra


Hi everyone have you missed me? I have had a bad 6 months in and out of hospital feeling very unwell I have been in intensive care a few times with pneumonia the consultant told me if I still smoked I would now be dead! Anyway I am on the mend now, and I am feeling a lot better and I have been out of hospital 11 days that coincides with my entry into the Penthouse my last treat was a new bed and mattress £549 which I paid cash for out of the money I would have spent trying to poison myself so since I stopped smoking I have given myself a couple of thousand pounds worth of treats and I have no debt and I have savings ready for my next treat but most of all I have life so my friends if you want to avoid a premature death never smoke again.

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Sincere congratulations on your life-saving quit & penthouse arrival!! I wish you continued improved health !!

Very very well done! Sorry to hear you have been ill, glad to hear you are OK now.


Yehaaaa! we all wondered where you were. I am so sorry you've been so ill but really happy to hear you're on the mend. You really should get on that cruise now, the warm climate is supposed to be really good for poorly chests.

Sir Rex, we salute yousherv.net/cm/emoticons/hell...

whooo hoooo REX is in the house

Ahhh soo sorry to hear you havent been very well hun :( and especially when you are stuck in hospital




That is fantastic news to read

oh so what are you going to treat yourself till next?


whatever it is im sure you will enjoy x

Thanks everyone

I am afraid the damage has been done because of smoking I have a number of heart problems plus chest and lung by stopping smoking it has stopped the rot which will extend my life which I now realise is so precious I came to realise this very late in my life. For anyone attempting to stop smoking do it before the damage becomes irreversible! Yes it can be tough but nowhere as tough as having tubes sticking out of every orifice keeping you alive. DO IT NOW


Oh Rex i am so sorry to read this news

sending gentle hugs your way x

Well done on reaching the penthouse and thank you for the brutally honest post on your health issues relating to smoking. Wishing you well:D

Dear Rex,

I had wondered where you were and was both sorry and glad to read your post. Sorry that you have had such a difficult time with your health recently but so very glad to see you romping home to the Penthouse.

I think this thread will be a particularly inspirational one both for newbie quitters and those with established quits. It's a timely reminder to us all of what potentially lies ahead if we don't quit/stick with our quits. Thank goodness you stopped when you did Rex, and may you have many, many happy (and healthy) years ahead of you. :)

Congratulations :D

I was only thinking about you yesterday, Rex, and wondering where you were! I am so sorry that you have been unwell, but am delighted that you are on the mend and have now arrived at the Penthouse. :)

Keep on treating yourself to as much lovely stuff as you can....you have earned it by defeating the vile addiction..........enjoy every single thing! All the very best to you, Rex. :)



Congrats on reaching the penthouse Rex, sorry you've been so poorly but glad to see your retail therapy continues :D:D:D

Hello Rex, nice to meet you. I'm sorry to hear that you have health problems and do hope you start to feel better soon now that you are out of Hospital. I have only recently quit and your post has made me think I really don't want to start again, 27 years was too long for me to have smoked. :)

Congratulations Rex, I was wondering where you were, pleased your feeling better :)

Wow, so pleased you are on the mend, in more ways than one,....

Doing great and do hope your health continues to improve :)

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