No Smoking Day
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Moving in!

Hope everyone had a brilliant Christmas and New Year!.

I've just popped on to say i've now made it to 6 months :D I'm feeling really good about the quit too.

On a more sombering note, I went into town at the weekend and was talking to the quit smoking lady in the shopping centre (there is a quit smoking stand so I started talking about the benefits i've felt since quitting) and she was telling me about one of her patients who is only 29 years old and has had one of his legs amputated already due to smoking related issues. He has been told he is going to lose the other leg if he doesn't stop smoking (yes he really is still smoking!). On top of this he has been told that he will go into almost total remission if he stops smoking. This goes to show the power of the nicodemon and made me realise what a great job me and every single person on this website is doing when they quit, in short, keep at it folks.

To finish on a happier note, my 4 month old son is blowing the worlds cutest raspberries at the moment :D :D

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Wow...well done!! :D

6 months is brilliant Doofus Overload!! And the raspberries...just too cute :D


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