Time to move on

Hello every one,

On the 29th I will have completed 6 months smoke free:D, It has been quite a ride but one worth taking I am now sure I won`t smoke again, but I don't intend to let my guard down. I would like to thank everybody on this forum for all of the help and encouragement they so freely give and I would also like to wish all that have or will start the very best of luck and continued perseverance with such a challenging task, it really is worth the effort.


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  • Well done wayne matte it feels so good to reach the half year mark dosent it. Dont forget to give yourself a nice big treat you have earned it. bet your family are really proud of you. Congrats hun.xxxxx

  • Congratulations, Wayne!!!!!! Six months is fantastic!!! Half way to the penthouse!

  • Hi Wayne :D

    Fantastic 6 months quit is great Huge Hug for you have a drink on me



    Marg xxxxxxxxx

  • Well done Wayne,

    Time to sit back with a self satisfied smile and take out the big fat cigar in celebration.

    Or maybe not.

    While I've been more a lurker than a poster myself. Wayne quit the same day as myself and I'll admit syphoning some inspiration from his experience. I check in every so often to make sure he's still posting in a "I'm managing ok, if Wayne is managing ok as well, then all is well with the world " kind of way.

    Well done again.

  • Hi Melendez :D

    Well done to you as well on 6 months quit



    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Well done on the half year its a major milestone!!

  • Hi Wayne

    Congratulations on 6 months - excellent milestone.:D all best wishes for your smoke-free future.


  • Hi all,

    Thanks for your messages they are very much appreciated:D

    Hi Melendez I have wondered where you have been it`s good to know you are still going strong.


  • Well done! Not long till the penthouse!! xx

  • Hi Chrissie :D

    If you want some champers when you hit 6 months you'd better behave yourself :p :D


    Marg xxxxxxxx

  • Well done wayne - 6 months is a brilliant milestone to get to, it is good to hear from quitters that have made it to this point and can encourage us on our way,


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