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Made it to Day 4!

Glad to report that I have made it to day 4! Yesterday and last night was particularly hard, I found it emotionally very difficult. Really could have caved late last night at about 1am but luckily I hung on in there and didn't.

This morning I feel much better than I did yesterday. Hopefully I'm over the worst. I already feel "cleaner" inside i.e. breathing is easier and my sense of smell is improving.

Don't want to get complacent yet though, I know I'm not out of the woods yet.

Thanks for everyone's support on this forum over the last few days, every message I've received has been really helpful to me!

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Glad u are still on the wagon Gruff :) well done my fellow 4 dayer :) x


Hurrah for the Gruff!! :D

It gets easier from now on. Honest it does.

Well done to you! :)


Congratulations gruffalo. You are over the worst of it now :)


Well Done Gruffalo :)

It does get easier I promise, that first week can be a tough one to get through, I remember it even now so your doing really really well! :)

Hang tight, before you know you will have cleared a month :D


well done man. :D:D


Doing good gruff - keep it up. :D


Still smokefree!

Today has been soooooo much easier. Yesterday was just the worst but today I have actually been predominantly in quite a good mood and have hardly been thinking about smoking! Went for a jog in the evening and past a smoker and when I caught a whiff of it I though "yuck how disgusting" - didn't make me want to light up in the slightest!


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