Made it through day 4!!!

Almost supper time over here now, so I've made it through day 4!!!! I did drink 2 beers this afternoon, and I know some people say alcohol makes the craving worse, it seemed to help me. I think it's the trying to stop both the cigarettes and beer at the same time. Body can handle 1 rejection, but not 2 at the same time. Don't know if that's the case, but sure worked for me today. Going day 5 tomorrow, YEA!!!!!!! :D

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  • Well done mate

    Whatever works for you is right - Anyone elses advice is only that - advice. :) :)

    Hang in there


  • 9:08am

    Made it through day 5 and am now working on day 6 :) I want one sometimes so bad.....But then I just ask my stupid brain 'why?' and it can't give me an answer, so no cigarette :D

  • Still hanging in there. Thanks to everybody :)

  • Well done you. It does get easier but stay on your guard and dont let it down cos that nasty nicodemon is lurking and he will pounce when you least expect it so be on the look out.

    Good luck and also a very large well done. :)

  • :D well done for making it through to day 5 :)

    regards carol

  • Thanks guys,

    After today I will be on week 2, can't believe it!!!! It does seem to be getting a little easier now, but I'm watching to make sure it doesn't sneak back up on me again. One thing that I mentioned before was that I really wanted one in the afternoons, when I like to go outside and relax. I was really bored without a smoke. But for the last few days I have tried to understand why having a cigarette stops the boredom? I'm still just standing there, whether I'm smoking or not. So I have come to the conclusion that it's all in my head from all those years of smoking, so my head has to learn, that is a bunch of BS.


  • ahhh well thats down to the mindset/hand thing your so used to having something in your hand and your mind assoiates that fact so try holding something its like even though ive been stopped for over 7 weeks now whenever i am going out i keep thinking im missing something then suddenly realise what :eek: and when im out im always picking my bag up then remembering i know in time my brain will retrain itself

    well done btw on getting through another day :D:D

  • Well, made it through week 1 :D

    I want to thank all of you that helped me make it through it!!! Hope I see all of you over in the week 2 posts. :)


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