No Smoking Day
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Days 9-14

Decided to start another thread and not go back to Day 8 again.

Day 9 - feeling alot better today - am realising I probably have some unresolved issues - that may be contributing to the cravings - as mentioned yesterday, the logical, sensible part of me is cheering me on in this quit- yet there's another part of me - a stunted, gnarled, gremlin of me that keeps wanting me to fail......

I will visit the quack over the weekend and ask for a referral to a counsellor to hopefully get to the bottom of this nonsense. I need to pickup any tips and tricks to deal with this.

Still smoke free - determination afresh today .

Hi ho hi ho it's off to work we go....... :)

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way to go on getting to day 9

Just try and turn those attractive faggy thoughts into horrible thoughts

Try and re-train your brain to hate them and to hate them sooo much for what they are doing/did, how they make you feel, and all the money you have wasted on them

learn to hate them with a passion ;)


Dont get put ofd because your not a happy non smoker yet. I felt the turmoil for a month and then it got easier. Sometimes panicing that we still.want to smoke even though we think we should be ok by now makes it worse! Its perfecrly normal though i just want you to really know that:D you done amazing! Honest giving up.on xmas hats off toya and you done it!! Xxx


Something that really worked for me was knowing that I was quitting because I wanted to and not because I was torturing myself.

I knew I could go and smoke whenever I wanted. I'm free to do exactly what I want BUT, I didn't want to smoke. I had made the decision to quit, so each day I went without smoking, took me another day closer to my goal.

You are doing exactly what YOU want to do, and that's not smoke. It may be tough in the first couple of weeks, but it's a much easier fight knowing this is exactly what you want.



Am still fighting the good fight - only had a couple of days at work this week - and now Friday night. Am determined to stay smoke free and see this through. Patience has never been one of my strong suits.

This forum has is responsible for giving me the impetus to keep going. Love you all.



Go for it Witchypoo- you're doing great! :D

Have a laid-back weekend. :)


Brilliant work. It really will pay off. Really proud of your efforts to date, as you should be of yourself.


Where is witchy? :confused:


Oh no... Hope she hasn't fallen off the wagon :(


Was thinking the same yesterday.


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