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Day 3 - thrown the empty bottles away


I smoked in the garage and had empty beer bottles to throw the dog ends away in.... Last night while laying awake I had an idea to go have a look and light up the old ends.... So this morning I went to the garage... Bagged the bottles up and threw them in a public bin on the way to work.... I apologise for not re-cycling but I had to get rid of them as my mind is starting to tempt me again.... It is going to be tough for me I fear.....

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Book on order and going to join the Freedom Fighters.... Saftey in numbers :D

Thanks all....

Oh those glory days of being a down and out dimp-picker. I must say it was a charming look and the sweet smell of very stale smoke was the scent that sent many a sweetheart packing. what foolishness and folly. I can't imagine doing it again. hope not.

M :)

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