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Day 8 - Romanticising Cigarettes


Struggling today. Went back to work ( booooo ) and had to face a bunch of old habits there - buy coffee ( have ciggie or three ), morning smoko - have more ciggies, have lunch even more ciggies, afternoon smoko - well you all get the picture....

Colleague took me out to lunch today - so sweet. Glad to report I remain smoke free - but keep thinking of 1950's movie sirens in black and white - smoking from those long ciggie holders - with the smoke seductively curling around their faces - making me want one - making me grumpy with myself :mad:

Took the dog out for a long walk - walked past peeps that smelled of smoke - didn't like the smell - so why didn't that quash the crave?? I dunno.

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You are so going to beat this, you already realise that these thoughts are romanticised images of something bad. It's often been said stopping smoking is like walking out of a bad relationship, you know it's no good for you but you resist letting go, then when you do, the first couple of days you are in "I will survive" mode then you start thinking about all the good bits, the bad bits seem to filter themselves out. You already know there are bad bits, and now your sense of taste is starting to intensify it won't be long before you savour that cup of coffee without associating it with a stinking paper tube of burning leaf shreds, those morning and afternoon breaks will be far more relaxing and soon you'll realise just how much more time you have ;)

Doing really well. Stick with your mates and its on. No slacking now.

aww witchypooo I know that feeling well

You need to try and get your mind off the cigs however you can or change the way you think about them.

Like where you see the smoke curling round their faces, imagine the smoke curling around their throats! Make the pleasant thoughts into ikky ones

I have a new pocket diary and Im putting my plans in for everyday. Even just obvious plans like go to Tescos... Its filling my smoke gap time and its taking my mind off it and making me more organised = WIN

hope you are well

Well done


Thank-you all, I can relate to your analogies and advices - honestly - it's effing ridiculous I am struggling with wanting to shove smelly burning paper in my pie hole. I honestly believe there is no choice in this matter - I simply cannot go through this quitting process again. I have tried so many times - and this is the LAST time I am prepared to put myself through this. It almost feels like you need to hit rock bottom before you find the strength to keep going - because THERE IS NO PLAN B! I don't know if I am even making sense..... I hang onto the fact that every day I remain smoke free I edge closer to winning this fight.

I remember watching those films i thought if i smoked a park drive unfiltered i would turn into clark Gable... Have u seen him lately? and Bette Davies looked so glam. bet she stunk offscreen tho, i know i did, and those premature wrinkles. the power of the movies eh, Bewitching, beguiling, those cigarettes with their fluttering eyelashes got me everytime.

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