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Gone a day without a cigarette with Champix

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So far so good. I was supposed to be giving up today but yesterday I was busy doing the housework that I didn't get round to having a cigarette so by 5 pm I decided that I might as well give up so here goes. So far so good. Champix makes me feel sick in the mornings but it's worth it if it's stopping me from smoking.

It is actually quite easy so far so hopefully I can keep going.

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well done

i am not familiar with champix but reading on here it is amazing at helping people even if it does have side effects

read as much as u can as understanding the process of quitting and understanding why i felt like i did on many occasions have got me through

knowledge is power and that is so true

keep up the good work it will be the best thing u have ever done

Thanks boo. I already feel like a completely different person for being a non smoker. It's like I've finally got rid of something that had a hold of me since I was 14 years old!

I'm just a bit worried about putting on weight so I guess as long as I watch what I eat, all will be fine.


well done :D

yes i to feel that feeling that i have got rid of something that held me

and it held me for 23 years and it kept me on a tight leash

my whole life was ruled by my next cigarette and thats no way to live at all the freedom i have and feel now is by far stronger than the addiction that held me

as for the weight i think all of us quitters have gained abit i definately have but i feel strong in my quit now and i can deal with the weight issue now

to me it was worth gaining a little to be smoke free and before long i will be happy with my weight to so that will be two achievements

I've also found today being my second day that my lungs feel different as in I am holding to get air into my lungs. Doesn't feel like anything bad, maybe I'm just not so used to them feeling this way.

your lungs are going through massive change at the moment so are bound to feel different also exprect to get a cough and you may cough up lots of rubbish this is all normal

if there is anything you are really concerned about then see your gp

Thank you I will be fine. It's kind of exciting to see what changes my body will go through, circulation etc. I am playing sport tonight so will be interesting to see how different that will be, even only after a couple of days of no smoking.

Very exciting times.

well done :) Continue effortsimgquick.com/images/43.gif

Well done, you have made a very good decision and I am sure you will be very proud of yourself in time to come!

Keep up the good work!

I wouldn't worry about a possible weight-gain at the moment. If you can deal with cigarettes you can deal with extra weight also. Take one thing at a time.

Good luck with your quit, Jolmbagpuss. I agree with the others - don't worry too much about putting on a bit of weight at this stage - that can be pulled into line later on. I have put on a stone in six weeks, but am feeling ok about it. If the Champix is making you feel sick, make sure to take it with food and plenty of water - at least a whole glass. I find that there is a difference if I actually take it in the middle of my meal rather than directly before or after. Don't know why, but it seems to help.

Hi, well done on the first few days - it gets easier. I quit via Champix nearly two years ago. Few things that might help;

1. eat before taking Champix

2. Read everything you can and understand what you're going through and why (do a search for Champix on here)

3. Be proud and enjoy the quitting process. You're doing something great.

4. Notice the positives, ie sense of smell returning,

5. Don't give in to even a little puff - you don't need it

6. I felt I'd be losing something when I stopped smoking but the reality is the opposite, you are gaining a huge amount

7. Enjoy not being governed by when and how you can have the next cigarette - the freedom it gives you is wonderful

8. Use the support of others on here and give support back to others when they need it. I was fortunate enough to start giving up in Oct 2009 - and was part of a self-styled support group of quitters that month, the Octoquitters. It was a great help.

9. Keep posting and keep quitting. You'll be so pleased you did



PS. enjoy it...

PS. Your post reminded me of how I felt int he early days. You should be proud of what you are doing. I wrote something along those lines: forum.nosmokingday.org.uk/s...

Might help


Thanks, your post is a good and positive one.

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