No Smoking Day
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Battled my way through day 1... onwards!

Hello, I'm a newbie here! I am 27 years old and I have smoked since I was 12 years old :eek: which makes me a smoker for more than half of my life :eek: I am ashamed!

Anyway, I bought an e-cigarette thing with some flavoured zero nicotine liquid, and some 'tobacco' liquid with a low dose of nicotine in as I read the statistics on going cold turkey and decided I would need some kind of crutch for this.

I am very motivated to stop, having only recently fully realising what kind of a future I am painting for myself with these stinky death sticks. I don't even enjoy smoking anymore! Hopefully that will work in my favour along the way!

Anyway, day 1 is now over with thankfully but it has been a real roller coaster - I spent most of the day feeling absolutely awful both physically and emotionally; I think I have what is known as quitter's flu (shame I hadn't heard of it before as I would have prepared myself with decongestants! :D) and I've had a few good cries for no reason other than feeling quite down. I have also felt a physical craving for a cigarette all day long - I don't know about everyone else but I get a sort of feeling in my stomach telling me my body wants nicotine - it definitely didn't last a few minutes as most places suggest!

But I've not touched the death sticks and I don't plan to, hurray!

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One small step at a time. Welcome scarlett. :)


Hi Scarlett,

Nice to meet you and Happy New Year!

It's true- you feel worse before you feel better. All your symptoms are perfectly normal and will pass, I promise. You're nearly through the worst of it now.

Good on you for making the decision. You sound very determined and I'm certain you will succeed. :)


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