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sneaking crafty ones


Im new onto this but have read the comments about it being a great place for support and advice.

This is my situation - I quit about 18months ago and although I don't go out drinking very often, when I have I have sneaked a few drags.. however the last few times it has got more than this - full cigerettes.. more cigerettes. then this morning I had a friend stay over who smoked and I had my first "sober" one in the morning..

I have been beating myself up all day asfirstly I cant seem to resist when ive had a few drinks and the situation is getting much worse and then due to what I did this morning, I have been having cravings all day plus ive felt rough -breathless etc...and really guilty...

Has anyone else suffered from sneaking a few in (thinking it would be ok) and find the craving seems to be there after a few drinks

be great to hear from you

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Thank you

I think that is what I need to do.. I only go out now and again but recently there has been a few occasions and each time I have been worse.. it has to be the alcohol as for most of the time im ok.

I think I should either drive next time I go out so I can be used to going out without the "habit" of smoking or avoid that scene for a while.

Like I don't go out very often but typically there is a 50th bash in 2 weeks...


As horrible as this might sound, in the early stages you may need to give social gathering (that involve alcohol) a little break. It's such a vulnerable time when quitting and you have to avoid situations that may cause a replace.

I am now able to go out, stand/sit near smokers and not be phased, BUT that's only because I avoided them like the plague for weeks. It really isn't worth ruining your quit in a drunken moment of madness.

Get back on the horse and give it another shot. This time, no sneaky drags! :p


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