Sneaking into Month 3

20 Minutes into Month 3 for me.

600 Fags or so not smoked

£600.00 not spent on cigs (Unfortunately £610.00 spent on booze :rolleyes:)

Much time saved on not hiding from my family sneaking off.

Less smelly car

Been running 12 times 3-6 miles:D, 1 pulled calf muscle :(

Feel miles better for not smoking, despite the odd bout of depression.

Cold Turkey been ok really, 1st quit I have tried it (Previously Patches, chewy, Zyban, Hypnotist) and pretty chuffed.

Otherwise bring it on and NOPE

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  • Great stuff, no fags = more booze plus you can run the booze off as well = win win :D

  • Well done Andrew, many congratulations on month 3.

  • Am so enjoying your post, mr NICO knows who's boss, and blimey it's not him, great going fantastic news those months are adding up, so pleased all s going ok.

    On the calf front I do hope you are relaxing that muscle, it can take a while to repair .

    Well done you, big congratulations from me

  • Cigarettes must be really expensive where you are - £1 each, crumbs!!

    Should have mentioned brain malfunctions as well - 60 days x 20 per day = 1200 dohhhhhh:( im a bit like that at work when i think about, but 2 + 2 does = 5 dosnt it?

  • On the calf front I do hope you are relaxing that muscle, it can take a while to repair .

    Thanks Tracy, lesson learned, don't over do it early doors, popped it 4 times and really peed off, trying a 2 week break and then see and steeeetchhhhh properly.

    Cheers for your comments, feel i'm doing ok in a keep looking out sort of way and as has been says does get better day by day

  • Well done Andrew mate- if ever there was a Penthouse resident in waiting it's you. The months are just flying by and you'll be home before you know it. :)

  • Well done Andrew, those stats are a great encouragement :)

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