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Last night at 9:37 Pm was exactly 2 years since I smoked my last cigarette. I have had many trials in those past 2 years. The most recent is I lost my sister in Sept. at the age of 51. I was heartbroken. But, I kept my chin up and didn't light up.

I think I will always be fighting the smoking demon, but he will never win again. When I put him down and walked away I did it with no regrets ( except waiting so long) and have never looked back.

God bless us all and to those who are just starting out, take it from someone who smoked 3 packs a day, YOU CAN DO IT!!!

Happy New Year everyone...ppat

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Hey hun great to see you back and still going strong :D

Thanks everyone.

My sister quit smoking years ago. She was upset because her and her husband quit together then he started back up. She never did. She was truly my inspiration during the early days....ppat

My boyfriend quit smoking 1 week ago!!! I am doing the HAPPY dance!!!..ppat

Great news Pat . Its great not to smoke at times when all we need is something to help us through...youve confirmed thatsmoking is in no way neccessary. Big well done .


Well, I am happy to report that my boyfriend has been smoke free for almost 2 months. He had both knees replaced and the Drs. told him to stop smoking for the surgery and I told him after living in a smoke free house for a couple of weeks that if he started again I would have to move out.

I had a health scare about 4 months ago, they saw something on my chest x-ray and I had to wait 3 long months to find out if I had Cancer. I passed the second test but was told my emphysema was now at stage 3. If the boyfriend continued to smoke I could be on the tank right now.

And with him quit I have more energy, I am in several exercise classes and I am very active with the local American Cancer Society. We do a Relay for Life every year and I have been on the committee for the past 2 years. This year I even started a team. We have already raised over $700 with a lot more that I have not posted to our account yet. I have raised our goal to $5000. I think it is very do-able.

I am here to Promise you, if you want to quit, you can! It is possible. And just like learning to walk. If you fall, get up, brush yourself off and do it again. Practice makes perfect. I didn't quit on my 1st or 2nd time. It took me 3 tries to quit.

YOU CAN DO IT!!!! NOPE......Not one puff ever!!! ppat

Congratulations on your 2 years quit, that is some achievement! Also very happy that your test results were good news, wishing u many more years smoke free x

Lostie, if you can get over the dislike of being around a lot of people, nothing compares to being with others who have also been touched by Cancer. It is a very emotional and touching time. The 1st time I walked the track I was amazed at how many people are survivors. I am so proud and honored to be able to walk with them and be family with them.

This year I will be staying the whole night as we have a team. I am the Captain. I love every minute of it and get so much joy out of it. I also donate my time to driving Cancer patients to and from treatments.

Thank you everyone. I am proud of what I have accomplished and continue to accomplish every day.

I have very limited time to myself, but I am ok with that. God put me here on this Earth for this very reason....ppat

Congratulations! and at the same time.. so sorry for your loss... I am just over 2 years... Have also been through some tremendous traumatic situations in the past 2 years but never once through it all even thought about lighting up.. very true... if we can do it... anyone can! You just have to make up your mind that its truly what you want, decide to do it and never look back!

Very well done. It's a great feeling having 2 years under your belt is't it? :)

Just popped by, to congratulate you on a job well done.:):)

The roller coaster of life is neither fair or easy, I wish you all what you wish for yourself.

Lovely post

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