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No Smoking Day
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Smoke Free Christmas, flab free new year!

Seasons Greetings to one and all!!

Today I tipped the scales at 13 stone, OMG!!:o:o:o Im only 5 foot 2 and resemble a weeble at the mo!

What with my post quit flab and xmas splurge I have PILED the pounds on. I am finally ready to take the plunge and tackle this weight gain.

I am applying the same process to my quit and reading up, Ive made a diary with motivation tips in and have 43lbs to go to be back to my fighting weight!!

Im signed up to the Manchester 5k Urbathlon in July so this is my goal!!

I will have quit 10 months on 7th Jan so I hope to do as well with loosing weight as I have with quitting smoking.

I figured that by posting on here I have made the promise to myself to do it!!!!

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Hi Sam :D

You fought and beat the Demons YAY

So for sure you can conquer the weight gain woth no problems


Marg xx


Hi Moog,

Good luck with the weight loss. If you can stop smoking you can lose weight, will be a doddle in comparison :D

I have 2 stone to lose & that's pre -quit!! Didn't recognise the THING I saw in the xmas photo's. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

Good luck, right there with you ;)

Love, G xxx


Hi Sam

Well done hunnie 10 months is really great well done girl. i have also put much to much on Im 12st Was only 9st 4 when I started quitting. But I have angina and its not controled yet waiting to go back to see doc at the hospital so my doctor said nefo no exercise. Its not for what I eat I wrote it all down to show the docter so sent me for blood tests. All my life I been trying to put it on Lol. look after yourself hun.xxxx


hey moog

good luck if ur as determined as u was with the cigs u will do it....... not easy i know xx:)


day 2 of being a fat fighter!! feeling very positive!

Thanks for your replies xxxxxx

Hope to see less of me soon :D


I'm another one who needs to lose weight! I put on about 10 pounds since I quit but I was already 2 stone overweight.

Last new year I quit smoking successfully so I am really determined to be 2 stone lighter by this time next year!

Good luck with your weightloss moog - keep us posted, it will keep you motivated.

I am going to start my sensible healthy eating (i shan't say diet as they never work!) when I go back to work on 4th Jan - also my one year anniversary of my quit!


Hey moog, I'm in a similar position to you, nice to see you over on the lardarse site, if we can help each other out on here all to the good. xx Good luck xx


thanks jerry lee I too was overweight before I quit and have spent alot of time trying to work out how I can apply the same motivation and discipline from stopping smoking to loosing weight! I think the key for me is being organised and planning what Im going to eat which leaves no room for pigging out on crisps and takewaways!! Im even going to be sticking to my plan tomorrow night!! I feel fab for not smoking any more and want to be slim too so here goes and Im hoping to be getting in the penthouse door easily not having to squeeze my fat bum through it!!


Hi Moog

Thank goodness for that - I though it was just me! I seem to have put on the equivalent of a small child since I quit in March, and am having serious issues with my clothes which refuse to fit me unless they contain elastic!

No more excuses - I think I'll join you and start cutting down on treats and eating more healthily. As I told myself the other day, a little of what you fancy does you good, not a whole heap of it because I think I deserve it and because I'm a wee bit greedy too!

Good luck!

Happy 2010 everyone!

TT x



Let's do it! Ive spent far too much time eating junk because I think I deserve it and now I flipping well deserve a huge bum!! Nows the time to get trim and feel great for 2010!!

Happy new year to you x


I too have started to eat more healthily the last couple of days. Cooking a three course low fat meal tonight for hubby to see in the new year.

Hope it will be ok, my cooking skills are not overly brilliant lol.

Good luck with the healthy eating everyone & heres to a slimmer happier new year!

Love G



I've put on a bit of weight myself over christmas but certainly for sure since i quit smoking.. thats my new year resol. sorted i guess.

10 years ago i was a 32 inch waist.. i went up to a 34 inch waist up to this year.. and since i've quit on july'09, i've now gone up to 36 inch waist. (i really couldn't suck in the gut any longer, it was giving me stomach ache lol).

So yeah..2010 i'll change my diet a bit too. (once all the xmas chocs n treats are dealt with).. muhahah.. ahh well i hate waste :)


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