No Smoking Day
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I dont want to be a NHS statistic

sounds stupid out loud 'to young to quit' but thats what I used to think lol and still do if im having a wobble. If you still have your health why wait until its damaged and too late to change? that makes no sense at all! My biggest reason for quitting is that I know in my heart I would never be able to forgive myself if I was diagnosed with a preventable illess from smoking. Im very hard on myself anyways and that is just unacceptable in my book! So what was I going to do about it? Quit of course :D

Im now enjoying more money, better health, shinny hair, glowing skin and the list is endless.

But the main gift of quitting is the freedom. No more intense cravings as soon as i open my eyes in the morning :D

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I agree. I just became a constant planner for the next opportunity to snatch a cancer stick. Everything about smoking makes you self-centered. Like you I now enjoy better health and feel better about myself. It's great not to smoke. I read a thread a little while ago which outlined the thought process of - I am a non smoker - and supported the idea of "I do not smoke" and will not. I now don't even think about how long I have not smoked for as it is not important - I just don't smoke anymore. :D


oh wow thats really sad karri sorry to hear that :( espeacially people who dont smoke because they havent brought it upon themselves at all! Thats why some people dont quit though, because it can happen to anyone regardless! i know people who wont quit because of them reasons.

yeah dicko i dont count really either, when i go to think about it i have to remind myself of my quit date ha ha I think if you have quit then your just a non smoker and thats it. ofcourse its nice to celebrate mile stones though! xx


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