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HELP-I dont feel right

Hi All

I dont know what it is and i have not caved in but i am so sleepy, so achy in my head, i cant seem to stay awake and no its not me wanting a cig as i have an Ecig here if i get totally desperate but its not that at all. I just feel really really ill, i have spoken to my Nurse and been advised to only have 1 a day now and see what i am like on Tuesday when i see her but i feel spaced out and i cant drive because i keep sort of shaking. Part of me just says forget the meds and go CT but i dont want to go back i just want to feel normal and TBH i feel dreadful :(

I am close to tears and i cant focus on anything at all, not even my knitting. Im not tempted to have a fag at all i really dont want one but i do want to stop this blurryness, being uncoordinated and almost falling down the stairs like im drunk.

I think I am going to go CT from tomorrow as i dont think those tablets are helping me at all, i dont feel like me and i want to feel normal again.

Thats it now for those meds i think, if i have to go onto anything then it may have to be patches or something.

I just dont feel right at all :(


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Sending hugs and happy thoughts your way. Just relax, sleep if you need to. If the nurse is saying to reduce your doseage, do that and see if you feel better - that should give you a clue as to whether it is the meds.

Remember as well that this time of year is bug time - you might just have caught a bug and it could be nothing to do with quitting.

Also, as I put on another post, it may just be your body adapting to the lack of 1000's of toxins!

Hope you feel better soon


Go and have a lay down if you can. If you feel sleepy then I would have a sleep if thats possible.

It is possible to stay stopped once you come off the champix. I know people from 2 years ago who did it and are still stopped. I also stayed stopped for 5 weeks after coming off the champix and me starting again had nothing to do with me coming off the champix early and everything to do we me beliving I was being deprived of something I really enjoyed.

I hope you feel better soon.

S xx


Hi My Dearest Friends

Thank you so much for your kind words they really do mean a lot.

I dont know why i feel like this today as pointed out it could be a sign of a bug or just my body having a total clearout and in desperation trying to make me cave in. I will stay on the tabs a little longer and see how that goes.

I am still a little sleepy but if i sit here quietly i can just relax and try not to think about things to much, i dont want to come off of the tabs just yet as knowing my mind temptation would get the better of me and i am not ready to go back to how things were before so i will hang on a bit longer with taking the meds.

My head is starting to clear a bit now but im not 100% but i refuse to let this withdrawel or whatever it is WIN and take me back again, i have come too far for that.

Thank you again my Friends.



Aww hun, i am so sorry i have only just seen this :o

stay strong and dont cave in, you are such a positve person and can really succeed with this quit.

Maybe the tablets are just not agreeing with you, but dont beat yourself up about it.

When do you see the nurse again??? Maybe try an alternative??

Snowie xx


May seem a stupid question but you did eat enough before taking it didn't you? I know that if I didn't then they would make me feel really poorly for hours.

S xx


Hi Guys

Thanks for responding. Levs, No Hun i dont think i did when i think back to this mornings routine, i normally have 2 pieces of toast then the tablet but i never this morning just as couple of biscuits so more than likely my stomach was too empty for that one. How stupid am i. :/

Oh well when i have my 2nd one later i will make sure i eat properly before i have them, i feel a bit of an idiot actually because i have been doing so well and must have got a bit complacent this morning, i wont be doing that again.

Thank you for pointing that out to me. Im starting to feel a little less icky now, i have eaten some toast and my head is starting to clear. Trouble was while i felt like that i had some really bad thoughts about needing the nicotine but i managed to say NO and not give in. Like i have said before i dont have cigs here just an electronic one which i dont intend to use but its there as a warning that I DONT WANT TO SMOKE NOR DO I NEED IT.

Thanks again everyone, you have all got me through this and made me appreciate that outside of my 4 walls that i have true friends and ones that are all going through the same.

Have a Great, Smoke Free Weekend.:)




Hello you! :) I have pulled the quote above out of your post just to remind you.

Your doing just fine my lovelie, I enjoy reading your posts and watching you move up the forum.

Just remember to have some food with your next pill.

Hey - your're going to be counting in weeks soon!

Keep strong and remember you've made a choice not to smoke today

Tinks xx


Thank you Tink. :)

This site is really good and i feel without it i would be lost and more than likely would have thought what the hell and gone back onto those nasty little things.

I dont want to go back and i know its not easy, i am looking forward to watching the days turn into weeks, then months but i know it is take one day at a time and not punish myself.

Thank you again


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