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No Smoking Day
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Bags are packed and ready

Last day in here, new room tomorrow.......hello week 2. Day 6 was blooming awful but I always have a problem with Saturdays and I don't know why, I don't drink or anything. Hopefully should be easier today. Hope everyone has a lovely day:D

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That was the week that was . heres to another smokefree one.Doesnt time fly ?



It does fly Mash. Can't believe how quick it has gone. How are you doing? Hope your ok.


Really hope so Max, it's a bit of a battle though. I know I don't want to smoke but by God, someone needs to have a serious word with the brain:eek:


Congratulations and good luck with your move Shojam!!!!

Onwards and upwards :D


@t Sho yes im still here doing fine on the 10th day i think. It feels weird being back tho in the early stages of a new quit . theres an absence of peoples names that i grew very fond of ,and lots of new ones Ive never really got to know . i find it hard to beleive how quickly ive reached this point. It feels familiar coz i suppose it is. I still say the thought of quitting is harder than quitting, once that decision is made life just supports you cos thats what life wants for us, not some weird behaviour like sucking smoke through a paper tube and thinking its cool and not a bit weird. its well weird even weirder than lying inside a box being sawn in half by some dude with a handlebar mustache and top hat who then folds you in half . a bit pointless like this post is fast becoming . i think i might be at the demented stage of my quit. keep going and keep it simples.ps i suppose its a good job there are no familiar names cos that would mean they'd probably started smoking again or maybe just moved in permanently.

Mash x


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