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A wee update

After my interview on Monday I didn't get the job. And rather than being disappointed I was so proud that I done it without wanting to smoke. Tomorrow night I enter week 8 but for some reason I have been craving the last couple of days, but they have been dying out again. I also think my lungs are clearing out because my breathing feels like I've smoked too many cigs, I've got a dull pain in my back and coughing tastes like stale smoke. Other than that I am about to reach the point I fell at last year. This year I don't want to fall so when I pass that point I hope to be unstoppable.

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I had a quit that failed at 11 weeks. Soon as I got near 11 weeks on this quit I found it very hard. Probably the hardest time of the whole quit. Couple of days after the 11 weeks it became easy. Its nothing to do with needing a smoke its just the demons saying this is where you fail.

Don't believe the voices, they tell lies.

Better luck with the next interview


Thanks guys. I have no intentions of allowing history to repeat itself. I may want a smoke but I don't need it. I think previous failures have taught me a lesson and given me a determination. I won't fall again and I will pass week 8. Still got 8 days to go before I reach it but get ready week 9, I'm coming for you.


Hi Mark

As the others say and I agree you are doing great, it must be gross to be coughing up the smell of stale smoke bleurghhh but then i suppose it was never going to smell like roses :D roll on week 9 and we will be here to cheer you on. :)


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