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Progress Update

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Just thought I'd let you know that Mr Sharkbait (Maximus Lucius) is doing brilliantly well and now well on the way to making day 3 another smoke free day. I'm dead proud.

Me - I've stopped counting days and now counting weeks (started week 6 today) so I'm dead proud of myself as well!

Just been to Fatface and bought a load of cool surfer type gear cos the sales on today - but unfortunatley in a bigger size than usual!!

Everyone have a lovely day x :)

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Ah Max is your other half :D

Cool lol well done MR & MRS Max Sharkbait :p hehehehe

Ah a size larger than usual :rolleyes: your one of the lucky ones who doesn't put on too much then!! hehehe I have gone up 4 sizes :eek:

Hiyh Buffy,

Yesterday was the mother of all days (eating) starting with bacon butties, mid morning choc fix, Lunch was a Greggs bakery binge pies, sausage rolls, doughnuts, quick snack of chocolate pm then wine and piles of cheese on toast.

If it isnt nailed down I eat it.

So i'll be joining you in the increasing sizes very soon I should think! :D

(not had a fag though)

Well done to the pair of you.

I think I've replaced my morning fag, with a morning bacon sarnie. If I don't have 1 I'm really grumpy all day.

how????? lol

Sorry Boudee but thats just plain disgustin :eek:

Might try it though - just to halt the weight increase (might put me off food for longer than say 5 minutes?). Have you tried it with a lamb stock cube?

Well done Mr and Mrs sharkbait, it must be lovely now you have both given up!

Keep up the good work!

Befly x x:)

What is mint without lamb!!! :confused:

:p For the less mad peeps I think Boudees train of thought may be along the lines of soup? :p


Midmorning chocolate and cheese on toast in a cup!! :rolleyes:

~Buffy x x

ROFL Just mentioned the vegie cube and mint sauce to my other half, his little eyes lit up!! 'oooh yeah !!! it's like the gravy left on the plate!!' Going to go make him a cup now!

no it int

yey way to go shark and max

I have found that a veg cube and a dollop if mint sauce drink is like having a roast dinner in a cup

:p :D

it is not like a roast dinner in a cup.....i tried some of boudees....its nt bad but nt great lol. :D

Heaven help us with the concotions Boudee is liable to come up with !



Well done Mr and Mrs Sharkbait from Mr and Mrs Pupalup.

xxxxx Pupalup xxxx:)

Thankyou Mr and Mrs Pupalup, hope you are both having another lovely smoke free day.

Its now day 4 for him and still week 6 for me.

On the eating front - I managed to eat my lunch on the way into work this morning which is absolutley ridiculous. Think I might start on the ol' patches that you lot keep talking about - but I'm going to stick them over my mouth to stop the food getting in.

He He :)

Dont think that they have got one big enough for me lol.

xxxx Pupalup xxxx

I had used the last 2 vegetable oxo's in the curry :( so i couldn't make him one!

No it is not called Lamb sauce true true :p should be though hehehe :p

If i really think about it, the best part of a roast and full english is that juice left at the end *yummmy*

Tis on the list, perhaps you could patent 'Boudee Juice' :eek:

Hhahahahaha oh dear i got tears in me eyes. best end the subject there :p

day 13

Hi everybody,

Don't know how to post a thread so I've put it on here, Im so happy I've made it to day thirteen today - never made it this far before, beginning of week three tomorrow and I can't believe it.

I've failed three times before cold turkey buffy will probably remember me, so I haven't posted much this time in case Im a failure, but so far so good using the lozenges this time.

Im inspired by how good you are all doing, and a lot of people feel like I do, like I've lost something. when I was at work today the thought suddenly hit me I can't smoke ever again, and then I got this sinking feeling of how final it is and wanted to blub, but I wanna beat this horrid addiction once and for all.

Sorry for waffling just wanted to put it all down how I feel.

Keep up the good advice guys, its sooooo welcome especially buffy


Welcome Lizzyrob, keep going, you have been here before so you know you can do it, post anytime and anyone of us will reply or chat.

xxxxx Pupalup xxxx

Hi liz and welcome back,

We are all the same as you, we have all tried and failed but you will suceed in the end.

You have done really well to make 13 days so stay strong and we are all here for you if you need us.

Befly x x:) :)

I remember you Lizzy your doing well keep posting that will help when you feel like your about to slip we are all here for the same thing to give and recive support. Keep strong Linda xxx

day 14

Hi guys,

Thanks so much for the positive replys,really pleased to be on day 14, never thought I could do it - still miss it tho.

We're all in the same boat eh and I can't stop eating.

Im age 43 smoked for 6 years stopped at age 20 started again at age 32 and then smoked for a ten year stretch. Id rather be overweight than a nico addict.

Hi again boudee and linda I remember u both, boudee u make me carry on cos you're on another quit like me, we're hanging in there and Linda you're an inspiration cos you've kept away from fags for months now I can't wait to be where you are.

Thanks again everybody for the great support, heres to another fag free week

Liz x x x

Heya Liz x x x x

Well Done! can't believe it's been 2 weeks since you quit again!! :eek:

I hope it is an easier quit for you x x Stay strong

~Buffy x x

Me and Mr Max Lucious-Sharkbait are off to a wedding now. It's a very posh do that's why we have a double barrelled name for today.

I've had my hair done and Maximus is wearing a tartan skirt.

I don't smoke so why should I be tempted to nick a cig off someone and Max doesn't either, now Day 6 for him. However we are taking our plastic cigs with us and I have had my champix.

We are going to get very very P****d though! :) :) :)

See y'all tomorrow night. (everyone av a gud un)

Hi all,

On day 3 now, and so far it is turning out to be the hardest! I just want a ciggy all the time! I am determined not to give in this time though! I have quit for good!

Even managed to have a couple of drinks last night without having one, although I really wanted one!

So hopefully in time it will sort itself out! Just about to go out shopping to get out and do something, although the crowds in Liverpool might very well make me need a ciggy very quickly! And I will make sure to stay away from pub doorways as well! They will be too tempting! ;)

Christof. :cool:

Hi christof,

I think I found day 3 very hard as well but you will feel better tomorow so don't give in.

We are all proud of you so stay strong and you will do it!

Befly x x:D

Woooo I love a wedding :D have fun guys and i believe the technical term for a tartan skirt is a Kilt!! men wear kilts not skirts :p hehehehehe

'have an absolutely smashing time my dears, don't get too drunk and show one selves up infront of the posh people!'


~Buffy x x

Christof x x x x

If you search out the infamous 'day 3' you will see how common it is x x x

It is all but 24hrs so self indulge yourself any other way and get through this day hour by hour and it will be so worthwhile because you will soon feel much much much betterer :D

~Buffy x x

erm i think i may know a couple of men who wear skirts hehehe:D

Have a great time guys :D

Me too granted :rolleyes: (gladiator style leather skirts are all the rage for men at the mo) but I am thinking that Mr M L Sharkbait is wearing a kilt :D does he have a sporen too Shark? and has he gone comando? :P

Has he got a large caber? rofl oh behave Buffy!!


Thanks for the words of support. Nice to know its not only me that has felt like this!

I am trying to keep myself away from sharp and pointy things because right now I would just about kill for a cigarette! Which is stupid and irrational because that stupid, disgusting thing is actually the killer!

Had an argument with gf yesterday which included me throwing my phone across the room. Apologized and made up today but I just feel really uptight at the minute, but I am looking forward to not relying on those "things" to calm me down anymore, just me and myself and I.

Will keep you updated anyway!

Cheers for the words of encouragement, it is really helping so much!

Christof :cool:

Hi guys,

Christof I know exactly what you mean, day three sooooo hard just hang in there you get lots of good advice from people on here.

sorry guys crashed and burned this morning only had one, but gutted with meself.

rushed off to boots to sign up for smoking cessation programme.

im trying the inhaler now boudee do you use that? how did u find it? it gave me a headache this morning, so I haven't had another puff yet. do you get used to it?, and can you use lozenges as well as inhalor.

sorry for all questions, should have asked the pharmacist this morning, but had to rush back home my son is in Zante at the moment and his first night their one of his friends got run over broke his leg in two places, so he has gone home, then two of the group had enough jumped on a plane and came home, now my son and two remaining boys wanna come home and have got a flight into East Midlands airport (we live in Essex) so trying to find transport back for him. Sorry for waffling thats why I cracked ,but back on track now.

cheers Liz

ah ha ha ha ha flippin heck Buff you sound like a deranged bored house wife that is desperate for sex gossip ah ha ha ha ha ha ur sooooooooooo funny

loves ya :D


*Deep breathes* funny you should say that :rolleyes:


Back again, not touched another fag, funny don't even feel like one the inhalator must be working, am just gonna look at it as a blip me versus mr nicotene, and im gonna win this time.

Thanks boudee good advice as usual, You're right I need to keep focused, and just keep going with it gotta say its is really a hard thing to do I don't think anyone who has never smoked can comprehend how difficult it is to give it up, they say its a very addiction to break so true.

thanks again for all good advice

Liz xx

Well Done Liz x x x x

It is easy to let a blip ruin all the hard work,

So glad that you are stronger and better than that x x x x

Brush it off and go again x x ~Buffy x x


Thats all I have to say right now! :mad:

Christof :cool:

I have been pretty mean to hubby as well so between you and me we is evil

ah ha ha ha ha ha ha love it :D stay strong

Indeed we must be! LOL! I hate being like this though, its not usually like me! I am always getting told that I am so laid back I am lying down! So I am just not used to being horrible! I hope for both our sakes it will pass soon!

Stay strong!

Christof! :cool:

Hi Sharkbait (mr or mrs)

My mother has just started champix shes on day 6, white tablet, shes a little nervous on what she should be at now, she still smoking 15+ a day, should she be doing that at this stage, she has been told that people do smoke in their 1st week.

Thank you


(Quit Date 29th May 2007 10.00pm)I Have been NRT Free for 6 Days, 2 hours, 44 minutes and 45 seconds (6 days). My Free oF NRT Date: 07/08/2007 18:30

Hi Caroline - Its Mrs Sharkabit (my partner Max is on here too - hes quit now for 8 days).

I found that I smoked more cos I didnt seem to be getting much pleasure of the cigs that I was smoking. In fact I increased significantly - I didnt feel sick at all. I set my day for day 8 and really didnt feel ready and was going to postpone but I went for it and havnt had one in 41 days. I had my 'last cig' probably 10 times - one after the other and put the very last one out 1 second before midnight before it became day 8.

I think everyone is different - and now I keep forgetting to take my champix (which I must start to do more regularly).

Tell your mum to set a quit date - and committ to it even if she doesnt feel any different. Who knows what this drug does? But it seems to be working for a lot of people who have a number of different tales to tell.

Best of luck to your mum x :)

Hi Caroline,

yes, she can continue to smoke but needs to put in a concenious effort to cut down so she gets mentally prepared for the quit date. Champix blocks the nicotine receptors in the brain so the pleasure and satisfaction isn't as enjoyable. A lot of people are able to lay them down before the actual quit date. Tell her to space them as close to 12 hours apart as normal and to keep taking them at the same times in order to maintain a theraputic level.

Hi Cazzieb,

I was like sharkbait, I didn't even realise that I was supposed to cut down before stopping. I just smoked up to day10 which was my quit day and I was smoking about 40 a day, I thought that the champix wasn't doing any good as I didn't really feel any different apart from feeling really sick all day.

Unfortunately I didn't make it through day 1 without having a cig and had to start again on day 11 but since then with a bit more determination I haven't had one since. I am now on day 11 of not smoking and the champix is definately working now.

I would advise cutting down as much as you can before you start as it isn't as much of a shock to the system but it can be done!

You are doing so well and good luck to your mother,

Befly x x:) :)

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