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finding it a wee bit hard atm

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Hey guys...

Ok I haven't relapsed at all but I'm wanting a fag so desperately at the matter how bust I keep myself I can't get the feeling out of my head...

Advice anyone?

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Try getting out & walking Phil. It always helped me. Doesn't matter where. Just walk as quickly as you can and try to empty your mind. You can get into an almost hypnotic state and by the time you come out of it the crave has passed.

Hold on mate, we're all here for you and there ain't one of us hasn't been through it.

I remember that feeling! Craves don't normally last more than 5 minutes so all you can really do is wait it out whilst distracting yourself. Physical exertion is your best bit, as Skiddaw said get out walking or do some house work and drink plenty of water.

The first three days are the worst for physical craves, so if you can just make it another day they will let up a bit x

Hi Phil

I hope you managed to distract yourself yesterday afternoon, exercise, cleaning or anything like that will help. :)

Just in case you didnt see my last post

Hi there

How'd your first few days go?? I know its certainly not easy to quit as I've

tried a few times myself but there's just something about this one that makes

me think I've succeeded. Besides that, I've never joined a forum before but since I've registered, I haven't looked back.

I guess I've educated myself by reading about what smoking actually does to your body, arterial walls, etc etc and to be pretty honest, its scary stuff and it has freaked me out. Ignoring what it does or could do is frightening and lets face it, in reality you know and I know that its wrong. Its true what most people say, if we were designed to smoke.......we would have been born with a chimney top.

One other thing though that I haven't talked about cause it really makes me sad is that my Dad died on 31st October, 2013. He was 69 years old. He had been a smoker all his life until he'd had a heart attack. He'd stopped over 5 years ago but he'd said when he was alive that if he'd had his chance over again, he would never have put one cigarette to his lips. Sadly he took another massive heart attack on the 31st October, 2013. So I really owe it to myself to let the past be done and get rid of what might end my life as it certainly contributed to the ending of his. He'd already done the damage to his arteries.

I hope this can bring it home for you too.

However, more to the point, the fact that you've made a positive step to stop, you will reap the rewards. I guess if you find something that inspires you other than smoking will help. The guys on here have awoken my inner being and that is encouraging never mind realising that I can write and help others on their journeys.

Best of luck with your quit.


Breathe free and stay safe.


Put this in your head. Then your brain forget what the stress is.

Remember: Smoking has no benefit- only **** teeth and cancer.

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