Day 6 yay!!!

Still going strong on day 6! Still not eating much thought I'd be pigging out by now but I have said in the past that I have suffered from eating disorders since the age of 16 so not sure whether my mind is telling me that I'm not hungry or the junk food monster is just around the corner!!

Really thankful for the help I've received from you guys so far :) thank you!

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  • Well done Lulu, you are doing brilliantly. :D

  • Well done Lulu, you are doing brilliantly. :D

    Thank you :) x

  • Brilliant Lulu now how about a song!


    Lol! Good one :D

  • Well done! Dont worry about eating you gta have some.vice at thw moment n ita better than hitting the bottle lol! Xx

  • Lulu

    Way to to my love, almost a week is fab. You are a Star:)

    Fi x

  • Lulu you're doing brilliantly. Stopping smoking AND looking after yourself on the eating side is admirable. Hope you feel really proud of yourself :)

    Thanks Karri! :) x

  • Day 7, now then, Lulu! You should be feeling very proud of your achievement! :)



  • Yayyyyyy!

    Well Done!!

    Isnt it exciting....the first week!? Hard yes...but exciting!! :D

  • Day 7 yes! Feel more determined than ever! Such a great feeling knowing that I can do it since I've struggled so much to quit in the past :) thanks for ur kind words x

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