Day 3 - Chin up!

Hello folks, Checking in at day 3.

So i thought lets not jump straight in the deep end, lets take it nice and slow. Ecig and nicorette spray for now (which is doing nicely) then when i feel ready, ill let go of them as well. A few times today i thought 'wow i have no thought about fags in ages' which was followed by a craving lol how ironic.

I find the mornings hard. Im ok after lunch, but first few hours i do crave quite bad.

First health related thing i noticed. My normally cold hands are lovely and warm 24/7 now. I love it.

Very determined at the moment, in all areas of my life, so going with it.

Peace out xx

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  • Woohoo Nikki

    Hey Nikki,

    Glad to hear things are going well. Think your right its time to stop getting hung up on how we do it, we just need to do it :)

    Lets make this the final one for us :)

  • Hi Nikki, you do what's working for you. I think ill still be on patches come January but I don't care as long as I don't smoke. Good luck and keep it up :)

  • yeah The afternoons i kinda think well whats the point in failing now? done the morning, half way through the day! and the cravings just seem to go.

    I also find morning are the stress time, like if your running late, tired, hungery etc so that mindset creeps in of 'I dont care' (well for me anyways). I woke up late this morning as was really annoyed and i found myself thinking 'sod it might as well smoke' but i quickly gor rid of that because that was an automatic thought and nothing more. and guess what..fine now!

    Angela, If you need a patch till January then so be it!! It is true as long as the fag is not in your gob your fighting that psychological battle and thats the biggest part! xxx

  • Nikki.... you sound so "in control" of your quit!

    Use whatever you need to combat the cravings; an e-cig and a spray are not going to kill you like a fag might. I liked chocolate in the early days, but I ate so much that my waistline has expanded somewhat. :eek:

    Keep this totally brilliant work up, Nikki. With your lovely positive attitude you can do this. I look forward to seeing your progress. Also, apply, to this quit, all of the lessons that you have learned in the past. I've got a feeling that you will succeed this time.........:D



  • Also, re the morning thing...I wonder if, when we wake up, we feel a bit scared of a whole day looming without fags, but by the time the afternoon comes, we realise that it isn't quite as scary as we'd feared. Just a thought!:o



  • I agree, the mornings seem like a big effort in front of us, then by midday we are fine, I find the late afternoons and evening bad as well, I must admit....might be the horrors awaiting me at home :p

    Well done and keep going!

  • I feel in control. I only think.about fags in the morning and all day! I was reading bou women and amoking and acne and 40% of women have acne due to smoking! My skin clears up lovely when i quit n funnily enough my 14 spots came back when i failed my last quit lol serves me right! Yeh noggin u may be right. Morning feeling abit crap and thinking u got a struggle all day makes it seem easy to throw towl in. But we say no! Not today!